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The Woldert-Spence Manor

Constructed in the early 1800s, The Woldert-Spence Manor is located in Tyler, Texas, and has been operating as a bed and breakfast since 1993. The home currently has seven rooms, four upstairs and three downstairs that guests may reserve online and by phone. Visitors can expect a complimentary breakfast to be served each morning to include coffee, tea, juice, and water. A selection of fruit, yogurt, puddings, or baked goods is served with main dishes typically containing eggs, cheeses, meats and/or vegetables. Guests with allergies or food restrictions are easily accommodated with advance notice. Gardens, benches, trees, and a fish pond are some of the features located on the grounds of the property. Barbara is the owner of the manor, and she seeks to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable for her patrons. Some of the things that Barbara enjoys most about being an owner are meeting and talking to the people that come to stay at her bed and breakfast. Visitors can make reservations year-round, and some of the more popular times to be noted are during the festival of Roses and Valentine's Day weekend.


Situated in the downtown area of Tyler, Texas, The Woldert-Spence Manor offers seven rooms in their 4,000-square-foot home. The home is made up of two floors, with four of the rooms being upstairs and the other three located downstairs. Guests may notice that the style of the rooms is meant to be Victorian and that there are a variety of different amenities available to them during their stay at the manor. Most of the rooms are furnished with a queen-sized bed, while one room has a king-size, and another has a double-full. Each of the rooms in the manor comes with its own private bathroom. Other complimentary amenities are a central air unit and a TV in each room. The owner of the Manor, Barbara, has noted that the rooms which are reserved more frequently are the upstairs room with the king-sized bed and also their largest room downstairs.

In the interior of The Woldert-Spence Manor, a dining room and a parlor are available for visitors to use as common rooms. In the dining room, patrons have access to a snack bar which is normally stocked with chips and cookies. Other items in the dining room are a coffee maker, microwave, and refrigerator, which guests can use at their own convenience. Couches and chairs are some of the furniture in the parlor room. This room has a few different activities for visitors, some of which are reading and playing games. Musical instruments are also included in the parlor, which guests are welcome to use.

During the process of making reservations to stay at the manor, different packages may be purchased. Guests may order flowers, chocolates, champagne, and charcuterie boards to be used during their stay at The Woldert-Spence Manor. If a patron wishes to, they may purchase some of the décor items of the home as well.

As part of their reservations, visitors can partake of the complimentary breakfast provided by Barbara. Breakfast is located in the dining room, which can seat ten people. If more than ten guests are staying at The Woldert-Spence Manor, the adjoining parlor room is used for additional seating. Some of the food that patrons can expect to be served include quiche, fresh fruit, and Greek yogurt. On some occasions, baked goods may be offered during breakfast. Barbara does not have a menu and typically decides what foods will be served during the preparation process. If the guest has a dietary restriction, Barbara can accommodate those needs, and she asks that visitors inform her during their reservation.

The Woldert-Spence Manor is located on less than one acre of land. Leading to the outside and attached to the home are a deck and porch, with accessibility at the entrances of the home, both providing shelter and shade. From the porches, patrons may enjoy the outdoors with the grounds featuring statues, trees, a fish pond and waterfall, concrete benches, and tables with umbrellas and chairs.


Barbara is the sole proprietor of the home, and she has different policies that are set for the manor. Pets are not allowed to be brought to The Woldert-Spence Manor, with the exception being service animals. No smoking is allowed inside of the home. Additionally, Barbara asks that guests do not bring children under the age of thirteen.

Barbara strives to create an experience that can allow visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed. To achieve this goal, she tries to treat her patrons as if they were family. Some of the services that she provides to the guest before and during their stay are allowing newcomers to organize their own check-ins, which, she states, “allows visitors to come and go as they please.” Upon arrival, she may greet them and show them around the home. Barbara would like people to know that she is available by phone for any needed assistance if she is not there physically. A binder is also provided with additional information, which patrons can find on their beds when first entering their room. A couple of different people left reviews of the manor, one of which reported, “The hosts were very friendly and willing to accommodate the needs and desires of their guests in any way they possibly could. They were also willing to sit down with guests at breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee and conversation. The experience was very pleasant,” and another said that “the bed and pillows were very clean and comfortable with the décor, architecture, and the history of the manor being enjoyable. The hosts were very organized and hospitable, and breakfast was tasty.”

Visitors may reserve a room during any time of the year, as The Woldert-Spence Manor is open year-round. In the past, reservations for the manor were more frequent during holidays, specifically Valentine's Day, and during the time of festivals.

A variety of different activities and attractions are available to people outside the property of the manor. During the fall season, visitors may attend the Rose Festival in Tyler, Texas, as the city is reportedly the “rose capital” and “they produce and process more roses than any other place,” according to Barbara. The city of Tyler also has some historical sites and antiques that can be viewed. Additionally, there are science centers and zoos that patrons can visit. Barbara mentions that “fishing and boating are available at the nearby lakes.” She also recommends a few places to eat in Tyler, such as Prime 102, Dakotas Steak House, Laughing Crab, Happy Fish House, Little Italy, and Oliveto's.


Originally The Woldert-Spence Manor was created as a private residence and later used as a rental property. In the late twentieth century, it was utilized as a bed and breakfast, but later on, it stopped operating as such. Barbara bought the manor and restarted it as a bed and breakfast. Barbara has commented that she enjoys being an owner of a bed and breakfast because of the “fellowship that I feel with my guests, and learning about the people that come to visit the manor.”

When Barbara took ownership, she made changes to the property due to the condition of the manor being “poor.” In the interior of the home, new electrical, plumbing, dishwasher, and stove were added to make the house "more modern," with other parts of the home also being renovated. Outside of the manor, new gardens were added and the old ones were fixed up. Decorative iron gates and fencing were built along the street views, replacing the old and worn wood fencing.

Barbara worked an office job prior to owning the property, and she wanted a job that allowed her to travel more while having more time flexibility. She has also previously stayed at several bed and breakfasts, and she felt that owning one would accomplish what she wanted. Barbara’s husband still works a full-time job outside the home and also fully engages at the B&B during the weekends.

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