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Tides Inn Boutique Hotel

Tides Inn Boutique Hotel

Tides Inn Boutique Hotel is an oceanside hotel that is built right on the beach with a dozen rooms available at all times of the year. It can be found in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is less than an hour of a drive north from Miami, Florida. The property is located directly on the beach, which means visitors can visit the shoreline like a "backyard" of the hotel. Tides Inn Boutique Hotel has an on-site pool, as well as a garden area where guests can access a few hammocks and find some quiet time. Due to the fact that the ocean is just a short walk from the property, the hotel has a number of kayaks, paddleboards, and other equipment meant for recreational water activities available free of charge to those who are staying with them.


There are a total of 12 rooms available to the public year-round in Tides Inn Boutique Hotel. No matter which room guests choose to stay in, they'll find features and amenities such as air conditioning, a Nespresso machine, a flat-screen television, a Roku hookup, and a shower with an accompanying bathrobe. A notable feature that a majority of the rooms have is a kitchenette with a microwave, where guests can cook and make their own meals during their stay. A room that has been popular with previous visitors is The Penthouse. While it does cost more per night of rental, it is larger than most of the other rooms and offers a private deck balcony that looks out over the ocean and gives guests the chance to enjoy some privacy outside of their room.

All guests who stay at Tides Inn Boutique Hotel have access to the on-site pool, as well as the garden area, which has three hammocks that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also on the property and open to visitors is the parking lot. The current owner says that the building recently underwent renovations to clean up, refurbish, and improve the amenities that are provided and give them a chance to add some new ones, too. Tides Inn Boutique Hotel also offers guests the ability to rent watersports gear like kayaks and paddleboards, which can be used in the ocean.

Beyond the walls of Tides Inn Boutique Hotel, guests may visit the beach. For those who want to try their hand at fishing off the shoreline, they can head south of the hotel and find Anglin's Fishing Pier. The pier is known for being a good spot for casting a line and taking scenic pictures of the ocean and beach.

Tides Inn Boutique Hotel has posted several recommendations on its website regarding restaurants and eateries that are within the area. One particular restaurant they have included is the 101 Ocean Restaurant. 101 Ocean Restaurant serves various foods ranging from seafood to classics like pizza or mac n' cheese.

There are a number of places that offer entertainment and activities rather than food. Something both the locals and travelers has found a common interest in is the local sports, and one place that may be of interest to some would be the Hard Rock Stadium, which has hosted the Super Bowl in the past. Another activity that can be found in the vicinity is golf. There are several golf courses within half of an hour drive by a car that guests can go to practice their swing or play around. Other activities available in the area include snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and scuba diving.


The current owner of Tides Inn Boutique Hotel, whose name is Renaldo, has stated that the goal of the establishment is to create an environment that is welcoming to visitors and provides a space for them to stay that is both clean and comfortable. Tides Inn Boutique Hotel sees a wide variety of guests that range from younger, more adventurous people seeking fun to older, more relaxed folks looking for a spot of rest. The hotel does its best to accommodate anyone and everyone who walks through its doors.

Outside of the rooms, one can find an array of chairs where guests can sit outside facing the pool and have a view of the ocean to the left of their rooms. Another thing that can help visitors relax during their stay is the garden, which also has several hammocks that guests may use if they would like. The owner explains that the building recently experienced a number of renovations in an effort to refurnish some of the amenities, add new property-wide features, and improve the overall cleanliness of the property. Though they have undergone renovations in the past, Renaldo says that they do their best to maintain the history of the property and give it the same feel that it had when it first opened as a hotel dozens of years ago. The theme of the building and the rooms inside tends to be one of old-school Florida charm, a meeting of older designs found in the 60s and 70s, and modern sophistication and technology.

Guests have left a number of comments regarding the place. One review of Tides Inn Boutique Hotel reads, "I like the location and view, the manager was amazing and helped us every single time. The staff were friendly and were great to talk to." Fort Lauderdale is accustomed to being a tourist destination, especially during the colder months of November, December, and January, due to the fact that the temperature remains warm enough for water activities and travel in Florida.


Tides Inn Boutique Hotel has been around for around 60 years, with it first opening its doors to the public sometime in the 1960s. Ever since it first opened, Tides Inn Boutique Hotel has maintained the same general establishment: a beach-side hotel for visitors to stay while they are either traveling to another destination or for vacation. Over the years, there have been different owners as well as periods of time when renovations were made. Despite all of the hands that have held the title to the property and all of the construction and reconstruction, the theme of the hotel has ultimately remained the same. The current owner of Tides Inn is a man named Renaldo.

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4628 El Mar Drive
Fort Lauderdale By the Sea, Florida 33308
United States


Old school and beachy



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