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Tobacco Warehouse Inn

The Tabacco Warehouse Inn is located in the small town of Soldiers Grove in Wisconsin. The building that the inn is a part of was previously a storehouse for tobacco that was shipped out of Ohio. It was bought and then renovated by Noel Miller, who turned it into what is now known as the Tabacco Warehouse Inn. There are now 5 rooms available for guests to rent out, all of which have a personal kitchen. Out in front of the building, there is a field and various greenery all around the building. The neighborhood is relatively small, offering a quiet vacation area to visitors.


The Tobacco Warehouse Inn is a large building in the town of Soldiers Grove in Wisconsin. As its name implies, the establishment was previously a storage place for tobacco shipments from Ohio. The old building has been renovated and furnished with twenty-first-century amenities. The building is tall and has flat walls, which are painted gray and blue. The inn currently has five newly renovated rooms that are the size of a small apartment that guests are able to occupy. Additionally, there are three more rooms that are under construction. All of the rooms were renovated by the current owner Noel Miler, starting when he bought the property. The decorating style adopts the rustic feel of the old warehouse that the building used to be. The rooms vary from 550 square feet to 650 square feet. Each unit has a personal kitchen which allows guests to prepare their own food. Other features of the rooms are large beds ranging in size from queen to king, a private bathroom, and a living room/common area. Each bathroom includes a bath and shower combo, a full-size mirror, and a quartz countertop.

When visitors come into the living room/common area, there is a couch, in-table, and a dinner table with a vase of flowers. In the front of the building, there is a field and various greenery. Upon arrival, there is an option to buy a basket full of snacks. Activities to do while staying at The Tobacco Warehouse Inn include going to the Kickapoo River, the Mississippi River, or visiting a nearby apple orchard. The Kickapoo River is within walking distance, and the Mississippi river is roughly 30 minutes away. If guests want to spend some time outside but not leave the inn, they can go to their personal outdoor space in a large grass field each room has provided. Guests who have stayed at the inn tend to say that room number 2 is their favorite because of its decorations. Generally speaking, the rooms at the Tobacco Warehouse Inn are similar in layout and size yet vary slightly in their decorations. For example, the Freeman Room has grey walls, throw pillows, and a bedspread that brings color into the room. The Davenport Room has a color theme of pink, yellow and white. Finally, the Crawford Room has a muraled wall of trees and a large picture of a red fox.


The Tobacco Warehouse is located in Soldiers Grove, a small town that only has 500 residents and sits in southwestern Wisconsin. Considering the fact that Soldiers Grove is such a small community, the general feel of the area is reportedly "non-invasive." Some of the goals that the owner and staff of the inn have are for guests to have time for themselves, escape from big cities, and spending some time doing outdoor adventures. Examples of basic outdoor activities nearby include going to the river or visiting apple orchards. Additionally, Soldiers Grove is known for the rivers surrounding the area, where people spend warm summer days kayaking, paddle boarding, and river rafting down the river.

For a more on-site activity, visitors can learn more about the history of the warehouse. The history mainly involves what purposes the building used to serve and how Noel Miler, the owner, converted it into an inn. Showing what the property looked like when it was a warehouse to what it became after his work. As far as the culture of the Tobacco Warehouse Inn is concerned, Noel and his staff strive to be non-invasive and let the guests make themselves feel at home. One guest who stayed mentioned that the inn is "Very comfortable, cozy, cutely decorated, clean rooms in a very cool remodeled old tobacco warehouse." The primary demographic of visitors to the establishment varies. Younger people visit the area to participate in more adventurous activities, while elderly couples seek romantic getaways.


The Tobacco Warehouse Inn was built in the summer of 1923, where it stored tobacco shipped from Ohio. The income the tobacco brought in helped an economy that was struggling back to becoming profitable again. In 2019 the warehouse became functional again after being an abandoned warehouse that stored tobacco for years.

Noel Miller, who now owns the building, had been remodeling the warehouse since his purchase of it in 2012. He converted the property into a completely different place than it once was. Noel gave the building electricity and modern-day utilities for the first time in 50 years. Starting from only the support of the building, he spent hours putting up more walls, flooring and making it a place where people could live. Noel himself stays at the inn as a permanent resident. Noel wanted to purchase this property because he already owned other inns with his friends and wanted to renovate the inn with the potential of it becoming a hotel. He attempted to see what potential it had instead of focusing on its state of being before his purchase.

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