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Tradewinds Condominiums

Seaside, Oregon, is home to Tradewinds Condominiums, which has been a vacation rental lodging place for the past thirty years. Each condominium is individually owned, but all of them are managed by the same person on site. The staff makes efforts to provide a clean and friendly environment for the guests staying at the property. The complex is located directly next to the beach, providing a beachfront view from the units rented to guests. There is a total of fifteen rooms and two common areas outside for the use of guests. A unique feature of the lodging place is that each accommodation comes fully equipped with a complete kitchen. The property also has beach gear that the patrons of Tradewinds Condominiums are free to use during their stay. It is only a short walk to reach downtown Seaside, where restaurants, bike rentals, and other activities can be found. 


Tradewinds Condominiums, located in Seaside, Oregon, sits right by the beach offering beachfront views to anyone who chooses to stay there. Small sand dunes are the only thing that separates them from a very short walk to the beach. The complex has been a lodging business since it was built in 1991 and has been running as such for the past thirty years, passing through different owners along the way. The condominiums are currently owned by twelve different people but have one general manager. The property sits on an acre and a half of land and is comprised of two double-story buildings constructed from wood and painted tan. Each room has one available parking spot on the small parking lot that separates the two buildings. The fifteen condominiums available for rent are split among the two buildings, one holding eight and the other holding seven. 

The grounds of the property have two areas available for lounging. One of them is a sitting area complete with benches located on the property's lawn and facing towards the ocean. Guests often make use of the space to watch the sunset each evening which is in full view. The other area has glass tables with umbrellas and is situated next to the barbeque area. Patrons have access to use the barbeque anytime they choose. There is also a small building on the premises designated for smoking, which is adorned with seating as well. Smoking is prohibited anywhere else besides the designated area provided by the owners. Each sitting area provides shade to anyone who chooses to lounge and relax there. 

Access to each individual unit is on the outside of the building, each of which is styled by the individual owner. There are no common areas inside the buildings, only the two sitting areas outside on the lawn. The units are each equipped with a full kitchen, which includes pots, pans, utensils, a refrigerator, bowls, plates, cups, microwave, knives, etc. The owners do not provide daily breakfast, instead, the full kitchen provides a means for guests to make their own breakfast. The rooms also come with the basic amenities of towels, TV, couches, and full baths. There is no room cleaning every day; guests are expected to wash and clean kitchenware and request new towels as needed. Patrons are allowed to cook anything they desire besides seafood due to lingering smells that stay inside the condo after cooking. The property also frequently leaves little goodie/welcome bags for birthdays and anniversaries. 

Beach equipment such as chairs, sand castle buckets, and little shovels are available for guests to take to the beach free of charge. The option to purchase firewood at the property is also available for guests to take down to the beach for a bonfire; managers recommend taking marshmallows and hot dogs with roasting sticks for a "memorable meal." Tradewinds in Seaside Condominiums is not ADA compliant, but they do allow pets to lodge with the owners. They distribute dog towels and a treat to incoming furry guests. 

Another attraction found in the town beside the beach is the Seaside Promenade, a place for residents and tourists to walk or bike along the ocean, which the Tradewinds Condominiums is located right next to. It is also a short walk from companies that rent bicycles that have the capacity to sit up to four riders. These bicycles can be taken out on the promenade. Seaside Aquarium is a 4-minute drive from the property, and other historical sites can be found such as the "Wreck of Peter Iredale."


Tradewinds in Seaside Condominiums is open year-round, with the busiest season for their company falling in the summer during the months of July, August, and September. According to the manager of the establishment, "The town is well known for having activities happening every week." Such activities include car shows, reenactments, and volleyball games. The town holds the world record for the highest number of volleyball games on a beach. The manager says this event is so popular that they bring bulldozers out to create flat courts in the sand, culminating in piles of sand that are twenty feet high where spectators bring sofas and chairs to get a birds-eye view of the games.  

According to the manager, people of all ages come from all over and stay at Tradewinds Condominiums. One guest said the condos are a "Nice and clean place to stay. Close to downtown of Seaside. Walking distance for the beach is right out your door. Awesome night of s'mores and a fire/sunset." The managers say that it is common for their guests to come back for another vacation, often booking their reservations a year in advance. Many people find out about the Tradewinds Condominiums through past patrons, word of mouth, or through social media. 

There are options to host events at the complex such as parties and weddings, but according to the manager, it depends if there is enough space to book in time due to how busy they will be during the season in question. The staff on the property has been noted by past guests as "friendly" and "inviting." They tend to the units on-site regardless of the time of year, and the small nature of Tradewinds Condominiums means that the occasional interaction with a staff member and guests is likely to occur. The workers are encouraged by owners to be ready to help patrons and to give recommendations when asked. 

The property is only a short walk into town, where several convenience stores and restaurants can be found. Three recommended restaurants from the manager are Norma's, Twisted Fish, and Doogers Seafood and Grill. With the town sitting on the coast, restaurants have access to fresh seafood. More fast food, grills, bakeries, coffee shops, and sushi places are located downtown. 


The buildings for Tradewinds in Seaside Condominiums were originally built to be condos and are still maintained in the same capacity today, thirty years later. The property has been owned by various proprietors over the years, each renting out the individual condominiums. The buildings have not gone through any serious renovations, but the yard has gone through some to keep it in good condition and providing more sitting areas for those who come and stay for vacation. 

The story of Lewis and Clark passing through the town of Seaside on their journey to explore America lives on today. Seaside, Oregon holds a history of being the place where Lewis and Clark stopped to make salt from saltwater, allowing them to treat and preserve meat for the rest of the expedition ahead of them. The town commemorates this event every year by dressing up like Lewis and Clark and reenacting this story in history. The reenactment includes a big fire and a campout. This event happens every year usually in September or October. 


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