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Trumpeter Inn Bed and Breakfast

The Trumpeter Inn Bed and Breakfast is located near the city of Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands. The islands are on the border of the state of Washington and Canada. The inn sits on five acres of land and has six rooms available for visitors. The owners, Sherry and Jon, stay in a cottage on the property near the bed and breakfast to be accessible to guests. Located on the land are five alpacas, a mini goat, and two mini horses that visitors can interact with, as well as a garden area that patrons can pick fruit from if they want. The inn is open from February through October, and has an ADA accessible room. 


The Trumpeter Inn is located in Friday Harbor, a city in the San Juan Islands. The San Juan Islands are on the border of Washington and Canada. The property consists of five acres of land, which includes a pond that patrons can walk to from the main house. There are multiple places at the bed and breakfast where guests can socialize and get to know each other. There are benches outside throughout the property for visitor use, as well as a porch swing by the pond area and a pergola with a grill, a table, and chairs near the front of the building. There is also a rose garden where breakfast is served when possible due to the weather, and guests can visit the garden as they choose. Additionally, the inn has five alpacas, one mini goat, and two mini horses that guests can interact with. As the building sits on five acres, there is relatively little noise due to traffic at the bed and breakfast, and the owners hope that guests who stay can enjoy a peaceful and quiet visit to the island. 

There are six rooms available for visitors to the inn. Each room is named after a native plant to the area. The Rosemary room has a king-sized bed, a private porch area, as well as a walk-in shower. Every room at the inn has a seating area with chairs that patrons can use. The Savory Room is located on the first floor of the property and is ADA accessible. It has its own private entrance, and the king-sized bed in the room can be separated into two twin beds if guests choose. The bathroom was built in the hopes of accommodating patrons with health challenges, and the shower is wheelchair accessible. The room also features a twin-sized "day bed" which can accommodate a third guest in the room if desired. The Bay Laurel room, on the second floor of the building, has a private outdoor deck connected to the room with chairs and a bistro table that visitors can use. 

During seasons of good weather, guests can enjoy a homemade breakfast by the owners in the rose garden, located on the grounds of the property. The owners, Jon and Sherry, strive to give patrons who stay multiple nights a different breakfast each morning. Jon and Sherry make the effort to accommodate to dietary restrictions of those who stay at the establishment. Breakfast is served "family-style" and, if given notice ahead of time, Sherry will make separate meals or recipes for guests with restrictions such as dairy, gluten, and meat. If visitors need to leave earlier than the owners are planning on serving breakfast, Sherry can provide a pre-made breakfast to go. 

The Trumpeter Inn Bed and Breakfast is open from February through October. The business opens up in time for Valentine's Day each year, to allow couples to come stay at the property for the holiday. The busiest time of year for the inn is the summer months, generally from May to August. The owners recommend scheduling in advance in order to ensure guests can stay for the time they want, as the inn tends to book relatively far in advance. 


At the Trumpeter Inn, the owners hope that guests can feel at home, welcomed, and taken care of. They strive to provide a comfortable experience that leaves patrons feeling relaxed after their stay. In order to provide this service to their guests, owners Jon and Sherry live on the property in a cottage nearby the inn. They hope that by doing this they will able to help visitors with their needs at any time of the day. The owners try to be available to guests as much as possible, and they enjoy getting to know those who stay at the bed and breakfast. Part of the way the owners strive to accomplish their goal of helping patrons feel at home is by socializing and getting to know guests if possible. They want visitors to have privacy and a comfortable stay while knowing the staff is willing to socialize and get to know those who stay at the property as well. Jon and Sherry have said that "no matter who they are, they can be serviced at the inn." They strive to uphold this promise with their ADA room, as well as accommodating dietary restrictions and getting to know their guests. 

On the land is a garden that guests can eat breakfast in. In the garden, there are fruit trees and bushes that those who are staying on the property can pick fruit from whenever they want. The owners encourage them to take fruit home with them, as well as eat it while they are staying at the inn. 

The Trumpeter Inn Bed and Breakfast has a concierge service available upon guest request. The staff can call and make reservations at restaurants, whale watching tours, or kayaking in the San Juan Channel. Patrons can also pre-arrange to have the owner Jon pick them up from the ferry upon arrival and bring them to the inn if they desire.

Many of the patrons at the Trumpeter Inn Bed and Breakfast are repeat guests, meaning they have stayed multiple times at the property. Patrons to the establishment often remark about the location of the property in proximity to the town of Friday Harbor, as well as the quiet atmosphere of the property and the homemade breakfast provided by Sherry. One guest said "So close to town but in the country. Well run and beautifully maintained." Other patrons comment on the hospitality of the owners, the peaceful setting of the property, and the cleanliness of the rooms. 

There are no dogs allowed at the Trumpeter Inn or children under 12 years of age. For more guidelines on these policies, guests can call the business and speak with the owners.


The building that is now the Trumpeter Inn was originally a farmhouse, and the five-acre property was originally a farm. When the establishment was first built, it was the only house on the road, and for a period of time, the farm was relatively alone without other buildings in the surrounding area. The owners say that before the farm was established, the land was used by Native Americans as a camping ground.

The current owners, Sherry and Jon, built a separate building on the land, and have hopes in the future to use it as a garage or a place to park an RV. The building is 18 feet tall. 

The cottage that Sherry and Jon live in was originally a bunkhouse for the farm. Over time, it was converted into a garage that the previous owners used to park cars and farm equipment before the current owners converted it into the cottage. 

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