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Whispering Creek Bed & Breakfast

Whispering Creek Bed & Breakfast

Situated in northern Sedona, Arizona, is the Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast. There are four guestrooms that are available to reserve, each offering similar amenities such as private keyless entrances, personal heating and air conditioning, and outdoor patios. Three of the units also feature a view of the nearby mountains. Breakfast is served each morning to patrons wherever they indicate they want to eat it on the property, be it in their rooms, in the dining room, or outside on the grounds. Many guests who visit the area participate in a number of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, rafting, and kayaking. Cheryl, the owner of the bed and breakfast, says that she wants “to make sure that [her] patrons' time in Sedona is amazing,” working to achieve this by providing concierge services to all those who make reservations with her.


A total of four guestrooms are offered at the Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast, which is located in the northern portion of Sedona, Arizona. While all of the rooms bear unique names, each one provides patrons with the same amenities regardless of the suite they are staying in. Some of these features include coffee and tea makers, a fridge containing bottled water, personal heating and air conditioning, private bathrooms, and private patios. Additionally, every unit has a private entrance. According to Cheryl, the owner of the establishment, this allows guests to enter their rooms without “disturbing anybody else when you are coming in.”

Visitors may gather on the premises in either the dining room or a number of the patios found outside of the building. In the dining room, some board games and card games are provided if people wish to use them. The outdoor patios have seating for guests, gardens with water features, and a firepit. One popular activity among those who stay at the bed and breakfast is stargazing. The city of Sedona lies in a designated dark sky community, meaning that on most clear nights, visitors will be able to observe a large number of stars and other night sky phenomena. When talking about the activities that guests will do, Cheryl estimates that about 90 percent of her patrons are staying at the Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast to do outdoor activities, ranging from hiking and biking on nearby trails to rafting or kayaking down the Verde River.

Breakfast is offered to occupants each morning between 7:30 to 9:00 AM by way of a menu that is found in their units. This menu changes each day when room service is performed, and guests are encouraged by Cheryl to order as much food as they wish. There are a variety of different items that people can choose from, such as waffles, pancakes, breakfast burritos, quiches, and cinnamon rolls, among others. Alternative options are also available for those with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free waffles or pancakes, quinoa vegetable bowls, and smoothies. Whatever guests decide to order, a member of staff will deliver their breakfast to them anywhere around the inn, whether that be in their room, in the dining room, or on the patio.

The bed and breakfast is convenient to many attractions within the city of Sedona. Those interested in the history of the region can visit the Sedona Heritage Museum to learn more about the native peoples and the establishment of the town. Cheryl also recommends that patrons visit the Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping District of Sedona, which is home to a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants. Occasionally, visitors may also find live Spanish music being played at the district’s patio area. With regards to restaurants, Cheryl will usually direct guests to try a number of different establishments, such as Elote Café, The Hideaway House, The Vault Uptown, and Gerardo's Italian Kitchen.


When describing the atmosphere of the Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast, Cheryl says that she believes the property offers “spacious luxury.” One of the most important things that Cheryl focuses on is the experience that guests have when they come to stay in Sedona. She provides a free concierge service to everyone who books a reservation, striving to help them plan the best trip to the region. “I want to make sure that their time in Sedona is amazing,” Cheryl says, and in the months leading up to a patron’s arrival, she will coordinate with them and will schedule and reserve different activities for those people. A popular time for people to visit the region is during spring, which is one of the busier seasons of operation for the bed and breakfast. With that being said, the business is open year-round.

A number of people have left positive reviews of the property, with many mentioning the work that Cheryl and Barbara, the innkeeper, do around the property. Said one former patron, “Cheryl, the owner, and Barbara, the Innkeeper, took a personal interest in ensuring that we had a memorable stay. They both took time to ask about what our interests were and then made recommendations for things to do.” Other reviews focus on the bed and breakfast’s location and close proximity to other things to do in the area. One guest, in particular, commented that “The location of the bed and breakfast is incredible. Rather than have to deal with parking at Jordan/Brin's Mesa trailheads, we were able to walk to the trailheads and start our hike. The proximity to the center of town is convenient.”

In order to maintain the property’s motto of being a place “where adventure meets luxury,” there are some important policies that patrons are asked to abide by during their stay at the Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast. The most important policy is that the establishment is pet-friendly, with guests being allowed to bring up to two pets with them for their stay. Smoking is not allowed inside the building, with designated areas established outside for those who wish to do so. The burning of candles or incense is also prohibited within the bed and breakfast. And while children are allowed to stay at the inn, Cheryl stresses that the inn is not really set up to accommodate children.


The Whispering Creek Bed and Breakfast has been in operation since 1998 and was operated by its original owners for about 14 years. The current owners, Cheryl and Joe Barron, acquired the property in 2015 and have been operating it since then. Cheryl has worked in the hospitality industry for 44 years and has a degree in hotel and restaurant management. One of her dreams was to finish out her career owning and operating a bed and breakfast, which ultimately led her to purchase the property. Since taking over, Cheryl and Joe have made a number of updates and improvements to the building, including updating the electrical and plumbing of the building and updating the landscaping on the grounds. Their current plans for the future are centered around making the establishment more environmentally friendly by adding charging stations for electric cars and installing solar panels on the top of the building, among other things.

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