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White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast

White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast

Found on the eastern edge of the state of Texas, the town of Jefferson is where the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast calls home. The bed and breakfast is a two-story, Southern-style building on the southern side of town. Initially built in 1911, the property currently contains gardens and a yard in addition to the main house. The current owners, Tammy and David Doriot purchased the bed and breakfast in 2011 and have been operating the business ever since. The home is equipped with five available units for rent, and each guest is provided with a complimentary, plated breakfast during their stay. The bed and breakfast has received many reviews throughout its time of operation, with the quality of the food, the quality of the service, and the overall atmosphere of the property being some of the items commonly commented on in those reviews.


The White Oak Bed and Breakfast is located in a residential area in the town of Jefferson, Texas. The property consists of a single building and a yard, which all sit on less than an acre of land. The main building is a two-story, southern-style home that is equipped with five rooms available for customers to stay in. Each of these rooms is supplied with multiple amenities, including mini-refrigerators, television, coffee makers, and bed sheets. Certain rooms also have unique amenities. Both the Roses Room and Veranda Room are outfitted with microwaves. The Veranda Room additionally has a back porch overlooking the property yard, and the Southern Charm room has a balcony that also provides a view of the yard. Each room contains a private bathroom that offers soaps and bathrobes, which customers may use during their time at the bed and breakfast. 

Apart from the rooms that guests stay in, the main house also has additional features for guests to appreciate and utilize during their time on the property. One of the owners, Tammy Doriot, describes the overall style of the property as "modern comfort wrapped in Southern charm." She explains that this vision is what led to the decoration of the entire house, including the bedrooms and the common areas. These common areas include the parlor and the dining room. Guests can spend downtime during their stay in the parlor, where they have access to some games provided by the owners, Tammy and David Doriot, and they may also use this area as a place for general gatherings. The dining room is where patrons of the bed and breakfast receive their breakfast, which is served to all guests each day. Breakfast at the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast begins at nine in the morning every day and is made as a plated breakfast. Tammy and David serve a unique dish each day and explain that they will conform to "any dietary need." If a customer does have a dietary need, they can inform Tammy and David prior to their visit or as they are checking into their room. 

Outside of the main house, the exterior of the property is characteristic of a wrap-around porch that patrons can use to sit down and congregate. In addition to the house itself, the property has a yard and gardens that guests can visit and spend time in during their stay.


Tammy and David Doriot, the owners of the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast, strive to create a specific culture within their property. Tammy explains that they work to fulfill their motto of "modern comfort wrapped in southern charm" in a variety of ways and ultimately want their guests to feel "comfortable and relaxed" during their stay at the bed and breakfast. In order to achieve this goal, Tammy illustrates that they strive to meet their customers' needs by interacting "as little or as much as they need [them] to." Tammy says that she and her husband believe that this approach helps the guests feel comfortable and relaxed and has led to the bed and breakfast being known for Tammy and David being "friendly and nice people." 

Tammy and David have established various policies that each visitor is expected to follow throughout their stay at the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast. These policies include a ban on smoking inside of the house, the restriction of children under the age of 12 within the property, a limit of two people in each room, and the prohibition of all pets. Furthermore, a property-wide quiet time starts at 10:00 PM each night. Visitors are also asked to abide by mandatory check-in at 3:00 PM and check-out at 11:00 AM. Tammy explains that these rules are essential for each guest to follow so that everyone can feel "comfortable and relaxed" through the entirety of their stay. 

The property has received various reviews throughout its time of operation, and both Tammy and David have noticed that many past customers comment on the quality of food, the quality of service, and the overall atmosphere and experience during their stay at the bed and breakfast. The Doriots believe that their efforts to market both digitally and physically and their style of operation have been factors in their success. Tammy explains that the most successful time of year for the business is during the fall, and they tend to receive people who are between the ages of 50-70 years old. 


The house that is now the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast was initially constructed in 1911 as a private residence. Throughout its history, the establishment has gone through many changes in both ownership and function. Up until 1980, the property was primarily a private home but was renovated in 1980 and turned into an overnight-stay business that is similar to a bed and breakfast today. In the 1990s, it was finally converted into a bed and breakfast by the previous owners. 

In June 2011, Tammy and David Doriot, the current owners and managers of the property, bought the bed and breakfast. The Doriots worked in the hospitality business three years prior to their purchase of White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast. They chose to settle in this spot because they "like the town, especially the events that happen regularly in it," Tammy says. Since buying the property, Tammy and David have, in their own words, "refreshed the rooms" in the home by updating the decorations and overall style of them. Tammy describes that their favorite part of managing the White Oak Manor Bed and Breakfast is meeting people "from all over the world" who come to be guests of the home.

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502 E. Benners St.
Jefferson, Texas 75657
United States




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