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Lake Charles
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The Lake Charles Region covers a part of Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. The north end of the border ends just above DeRidder, Grant, Oakdale, and Bayou Chicot. The landscape is primarily flat, with many lakes and rivers. The territory holds a couple of wildlife refuges and multiple cities, including Lake Charles and Lafayette. Most visitors to the area come for activities such as boating, fishing, or to see the cities and participate in activities that they have. Generally, the weather in the area is warm with occasional rain and no snow. The average temperature is 89 degrees Fahrenheit from June to September and 66 degrees from November to January.[5] Attractions in the area include the Sam Houston Jones State Park, the Lafayette Science Museum, the Children's Museum of Acadiana, Acadiana Mall, and the Evangeline State Park.[9]

What Lake Charles is known for

Within the Lake Charles Region, there are many activities that people can do. Lake Charles and Lafayette are both cities within the destination that people can visit. Other things to do nearby include visiting the wildlife refuges and participating in helping the animals. In the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, it is possible to go boating, fishing, and see the animals that they are protecting there.[2] The Sabine Wildlife Refuge allows people to do service projects for the animals. People can also go to the refuge to see what animals they are protecting there.[1] 

In Lake Charles, there are many things to do. The city is home to several casinos and does multiple festivals throughout the year.[4] Another activity in the area is the Sam Houston Jones State Park, which is the only state park in Louisiana. There, people can take boats out on the water to go fishing or go on the various hiking trails the property has. The state park is also known for having multiple places for disk golf, and tournaments are held at the park occasionally. Near the park are several RV camps, cabins, and campsites that guests can stay in. In the city of Lafayette, there are various things for tourists to do. Some of these activities are the Lafayette Science Museum, the Children's Museum of Acadiana, Evangeline State Park, and Acadiana Mall. At the Lafayette Science Museum, children and adults alike can see different fossils and exhibits that show things like dinosaurs, space exploration, and historical animals. Within the museum is a restaurant where guests can eat food. At the Children's Museum of Acadiana, kids can interact with different things to build and create. There are also activities like shopping and doing x-rays. The Acadiana Mall is a place where visitors to the area can shop for a fair selection of items. Evangeline State Park is a park where people can go down various trails and paths to see different kinds of plants. Included in the park are a museum, multiple historic houses, and a small monument for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a man who was also called the "Poet of the People."[9] 

Generally, people come to the destination to go fishing and boating on the many lakes and rivers. Many also come to spend time on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. In 2017 it was reported that 51.3 million people visited the Lake Charles area.[8] The city of Lafayette is home to many company headquarters and buildings, including Amazon, Ochsner Health System, Iberia Bank, and Brookshire Grocery Company establishments.[6] 

The most popular time to visit the Lake Charles Region is from June to July. However, the best times to visit the destination, based on average temperatures and climates, are from the middle of February to the beginning of May and from the beginning of October to the end of November.[3] Lake Charles has an assortment of different work options for people; however, many of the jobs that exist in Lake Charles have to do with retail trade. Another prevalent occupation within Lake Charles is working in the manufacturing department.[10] In Lafayette, there are a lot of popular businesses that keep their main office in the city. As a result, Lafayette depends a lot on those larger companies to do well.[6]


The Lake Charles Region west boundarie line follows the state boundarie between Louisiana and Texas, then stretches up north above DeRidder, Grant, Oakdale, and Bayou Chicot. The east side of the border goes just before Krotz Springs and Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge. The border then stretched down past Marsh Island and runs along the Gulf of Mexico. Within the boundaries of the territory are wildlife refuges, including the Sabine and Rockefeller Wildlife Refuges. Other notable features of the destination are the lakes and rivers, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Vermillion Bay. The Lake Charles Region is flat with multiple water sources. There are many trees in the area, along with other plants. Many of the near Lake Charles have large yards. Within the region are many fields, some of which grow plants. There are also fields for sports such as baseball and soccer. Weather in the destination has an average of 89 degrees Fahrenheit from June to September, and an average of 66 during the colder months (November through January). It rains occasionally in the area, usually five or six days each month. During the colder times rain is more likely, but it rarely snows in the territorial boundaries.[5] 

The most busy season in the destination is during the fall and spring because of the sunny weather, which is good for fishing and boating. Examples of animals that live in the area are rabbits, bunnies, fowl, rodents, and other common animals. There is a wide variety of the birds in the surrounding land, including over twenty species of ducks. Other birds in the area are white pelicans, black-crowned night herons, and great blue herons. Most of these birds can be found at the wildlife refuges.[1]


The Lake Charles Region is home to Lake Charles and Lafayette, both of which are more prominent cities. Lake Charles was founded by a man named Marco Eliche. Eliche was a merchant and tradesman who founded the city to be an outpost. Prior to Lake Charles, he also founded other cities, including Marksville, which was named after him. Before the city was named Lake Charles, it went by many different names. Examples of these names are Porte de Lafitte (Port of Jean Lafitte) and Riviere Lafitte (River Lafitte). Lake Charles was first incorporated in 1857 by the name of Charleston, which was based on an early settler named Charles Sallier. On March 16, 1867, the city name was changed to Lake Charles. Years after the town was established, the Great Fire of 1910 caused much destruction to the city. It was restored after the fire, and the city grew and expanded. One of the more famous buildings in the town, the Charleston Hotel, was completed in 1929 when Mayor Henry J. Geary was administered. During World War II, the city underwent industrial growth. The city grew, eventually having 75,000 people living in the city. Over time, however, because of the economic recession, the number of inhabitants declined. Many years later, in 2005, the town was hit by Hurricane Rita. In 2020, Lake Charles was hit by two hurricanes: Hurricane Laura (August 26-27) and Hurricane Delta (October 9).[7] 

The city of Lafayette was first inhabited by the Attakapas Native Americans. French colonists founded the first settlement along the Vermillion River. The city of Lafayette was initially created to act as a home to sugar plantations. In the beginning, the city was given the name Vermillionville. The town was renamed after General Lafayette, who fought in the American Revolutionary War.[8]


The Maison D'Memoire Bed and Breakfast Cottages is a 30-acre property consisting of four separate cottages and an on-site pond. It is located in the Rayne, Louisiana area, surrounded by the Bayou Wikoff and within a mile of the I-10 highway. Rayne is known as one of the main settlements of the Acadian immigrant, and the surrounding area can provide many attractions for visitors who desire to visit a museum, dance or hear live music at a venue, or participate in swamp tours. Lyn and Ken Maison, the hosts of the Maison D'Memoire Bed and Breakfast Cottages, do what they can to respect the privacy of their visitors. Events can be held on their property, such as elopements, birthday parties, bridal showers, and baby showers.

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