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Lake Hamilton
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The Lake Hamilton Region is centered around Lake Hamilton and stretches to the southwest towards Millwood Lake [the namesake of the destination]. The region is located in the central-western area of Arkansas. The area is mountainous, with river valleys, forests, hot springs, and several large lakes. [Both the lakes] Lake Hamilton and DeGray Lake, located within the destination, are both man-made. The territory welcomes millions of out-of-town visitors every year. Lake Hamilton is a significant draw to the area for its ideal waters used for fishing, boating, and other water sports.[1] The Hot Springs National Park is another attraction within the destination boundaries. The naturally heated springs bring lots of tourism to the area.[2] Hot Springs and Rockport are the two major cities within the Lake Hamilton Region. Sunny skies and an average temperature of eighty-five degrees make the summer months more popular for visitors to spend time in the area.[4]

What Lake Hamilton is known for

The Lake Hamilton Region is named after its main tourist attraction Lake Hamilton. This lake covers four square miles of the destination. The lake is man-made, and the Ouachita River runs just off the lake. There are many boardwalks, marinas, parks, and beaches along the shores of the lake. This gives visitors the ability to swim, fish, boat, and camp around the lake. There are some privately owned beaches along the lake, but most areas are free and open to the public. 

A pirate-themed golf course called Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf is located on the lake's shores with a view of the lake. The Perry Wildflower Overlook also features a view of the blue water lake. The overlook is filled with many plants and wildflowers, along with some forest and an open meadow for visitors to hike through and explore. Hill Wheatley Park is located on the northern point of Lake Hamilton. The park has a large sandy beach, hiking trails, a large pavilion, and many picnic tables.[1] The Garvan Woodland Gardens, owned by the University of Arkansas, are just a few miles from Lake Hamilton and hold a labyrinth of over two hundred and ten acres of botanical gardens. The garden trails spread over five miles, with the main route being around two miles long. The Hot Springs National Park is one of the most prominent attractions in all of Arkansas and is located in the northern half of the Lake Limestone Region. The park is made up of naturally heated springs, forests, creeks, and rivers. There are countless tour routes and activities offered throughout the park.[2] Bathhouse Row is located in the city of Hot Springs and features eight separate bathhouses from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Many of the houses are made with elaborate glass and marble.[3] 

The Lake Hamilton Region hosts around one and a half million people every year. May, October, and April are the most popular months for visitors due to the warm temperatures, sunny skies, and ideal fishing in Lake Hamilton. Tourists come from throughout the state of Arkansas and neighboring states such as Oklahoma and Texas. They come to the area to visit the hot springs and to spend time on the lake.[1] The city of Hot Springs is the largest of the cities within the Lake Hamilton Region. Hot Springs National Park is located within the city and is just a few miles from Lake Hamilton. The location of the city makes it a common stop amongst tourists.[3]

Rockport is a smaller town within the vicinity but has a very historic, small-town feel with a tight-knit community and many local-run attractions. The state of Arkansas' primary industry is in agriculture. They produce a wide variety of foods, including soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, and grain sorghum.[6] Manufacturing and retail trade are also common within the destination. Many privately owned ranches, orchards, and manufacturing plants are located throughout the flatlands.


The Lake Hamilton Region is spaced across a large plot of land with many geographical elements. The land has mountainous areas, river valleys, forests, bayous, creeks, rivers, and waterfalls. A large portion of the land has active hot springs and two large man-made lakes. Across the destination, there are also scattered several more lakes. Arkansas is known for its flourishing forestry and meadows.[1] The [entire northern] northeastern area of the destination is where Hot Springs National Park and Lake Hamilton are located. Most tourists come to this area for its many attractions and large city. Additionally, through the northwestern borders of the destinations protrudes the Ouachita National Forest, serving as another outdoor nature spot. The town of Rockport is located on the eastern borders of the territory, [while the city of Arkadelphia is situated on the southern boundaries.] while southern boundaries are roughly marked by the city of Hope and nearby Millwood Lake. [Amity is located in the middle of the large farming communities in the western corner of the Lake Hamilton Region.] Cities of Foreman, Horatio, De Queen, Gillham, Wickes, and Cove highlight the approximate western border of the destination, which is identical to the western border of Arkansas State. DeGray Lake is situated to the west of Lake Hamilton and is known primarily for its fishing waters and forested shoreline.[1] Millwood Lake is another prominent water area used for fishing as well. There are 15 recreational parks around the lake with picnic areas, boats, and more.[8]

Summer lasts around four months every year, from June to September, with an average daily temperature of eighty-five degrees. The winter lasts about three months, from the months of November through February, with an average temperature of sixty degrees. The summers are very warm, and the months of July and August are usually humid with dominantly sunny skies. The winters in the Lake Hamilton Region are cold and receive most of the area's annual precipitation. Lake Hamilton Region receives around five inches of rain every year and one inch of snow. During the peak tourist season, weather is warm but not humid, usually from May to late June.[4] 

The destination is home to many animals; most commonly seen are the barred owl, purple finch, black bear, rocky mountain bull elk, woodpecker, raccoons, mink, and bald eagles.[5] The weather in Arkansas is ideal for plants such as the beautyberry, purple coneflower, plums, cherries, soybean, corn, cotton, wheat, and grain sorghum. The forest areas throughout the Lake Hamilton Region are filled with black willow trees, oak, and maple hickories.[6]


Lake Hamilton is a man-made lake created in 1932. The lake was created by the Arkansas Power and Light Company when the company built the Carpenter Dam on the Ouachita River. The dam was made to produce electricity, and the resulting lake was used as a major tourist attraction throughout the Lake Hamilton Region. The company has since created new means of electricity, but the lake was large enough for Arkansas to keep the river dammed.[1] 

The nearby city of Hot Springs is named after the natural thermal spring waters located all throughout the cities and surrounding areas. The springs produce around one million gallons of water daily. The Native Americans called the surrounding land "Valley of the Vapors" due to the steam emitted from the spring's "healing waters."[3] A reservation was developed around the hot springs and was essentially America's first national park, established almost forty years before Yellowstone National Park.[2] 

American Indians lived in the region for thousands of years till the Dunbar Hunter's Expedition came to the area in 1804, and the area attracted settlers. The town grew very quickly once the hot springs were discovered and the bathhouses were built. Hot Springs was then labeled "The American Spa." Around 50,000 people live within the region.[7]

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Cottage Court is a retro-styled motel that can be found in Hot Springs, Arkansas, which is located on the edge of Hot Springs National Park. The national park is one of the biggest reasons visitors spend time in Hot Springs, but there are also botanical gardens, a water park, and a number of mountains to explore. Cottage Court has become an adopted home for several cats, which can be found roaming and lounging on the property during the day and night. The eight rooms at Cottage Court are pet friendly, though the owners ask that guests let them know ahead of time if they are bringing any pets along with them when they make a reservation.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas
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The Hotel Hale is a restored bathhouse on bathhouse row in Hot Springs National Park. The hotel is in the downtown area of Hot Springs, Arkansas. There are nine rooms available for reservation at the hotel; each room is decorated differently. All of the rooms have large tubs with the hot springs mineral water pumped into them for guests to soak. Eden Restaurant is located in the hotel, and guests are welcome to have breakfast or brunch every morning in the restaurant. Nearby there are many biking paths, a horse race track, and local shops. The hotel has been owned by Ellen and the city's mayor Pat McCabe since 2019.

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