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Lava Hot Springs
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The Lava Hot Springs Region is located in Idaho and touches a small part of western Wyoming. Cities within the destination include Lava Hot Springs, McCammon, Pocatello, Afton, and Chesterfield. Pocatello is the fifth-largest city in Idaho and has a population of around 54,000.[1] Wyoming Peak is located within the territory, which is the tallest mountain range in Wyoming.[2] The Blackfoot Reservoir is another natural landmark within the destination and is a popular fishing spot. Yellow Perch, Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbow Trout are some of the game that can be caught within the reservoir.[3] The area has many mountain peaks, caves, and water springs. The lava hot spring pools are one of the most notable things about the destination. The natural pools are a unique and natural way to relax, with temperatures of the springs ranging from 102 to 112 degrees.[4] The region's climate tends to have January as the coldest month, reaching as low as 12 degrees. July is the warmest month and has a high of 87 degrees.[5]

What Lava Hot Springs is known for

The Lava Hot Springs Region is known for the mineral pools that are located within the area. There are a variety of hot springs that visitors can relax in. Historic Chesterfield is one of the spots that is often visited. Historic Chesterfield is a town that hasn't changed since the 1970s and is a destination that feels like a blast from the past for visitors.[6] Chester Call settled in the area in 1880 and started a ranch with his family. Tours allow visitors to look into the life of pioneer life by exploring the old homes, buildings, and stores.[7] 

The Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Pool & Waterpark is one stop that is recommended for visitors to the area. The waterpark has three platforms that daring souls can jump from into the pool. Waterslides and a splash pad are suitable for the young and the old.[8] The destination has plenty of mountains and hiking trails. The Idaho Centennial Trail and Mount Moh Trail are 2 mile, moderate hikes that outlook Lava Hot Springs.[9] Downtown Lava Hot Springs has shops and boutiques to explore. Shops, dining, a trading post, and a candy shop are a few of the things that can be found while exploring downtown.[6] One of the most popular restaurants within the area is an American restaurant called the Portneuf Grille & Lounge. Some of the entrees include Pork Bolognaise, Grilled Chicken, Salmon, and New York Steak.[10] 

In 2018, around 429,000 people visited Lava Hot Springs. The location is a convenient stop for travelers on their way to Yellowstone or Jackson Hole. Locals and tourists enjoy soaking in the hot springs throughout the year.[11] From mid-May through September, tubing the river is another activity that tourists visit the area to experience.[12] The tourism industry in Idaho has continued to grow throughout the years. There are many outdoor activities for outdoor enthusiasts, downtown shops, and relaxing hot springs. Agriculture, technology, and tourism are the top three industries within the state.[13]


The Lava Hot Springs Region is located in Idaho and Wyoming. Pocatello is the biggest city in the boundaries. Other towns within the destination include Fairview, Thayne, Niter, Robin, and Chubbuck. The area is well known for the hot springs that visitors and locals frequently soak in. Chesterfield Reservoir, Blackfoot Reservoir, Alexander Reservoir, American Falls Reservoir, and partly the Palisades Reservoir are located within the territory. Blackfoot Reservoir is a popular destination for fishing. Yellow Perch, Cutthroat Trout, and Rainbow Trout are all commonly caught at the Blackfoot Reservoir.[3] There are many mountain ranges, including Sedgwick Peak, Sherman Peak, Meade Peak, and Wyoming Peak. Wyoming Peak is the tallest mountain peak in Wyoming.[2] 

The destination gets around 16 inches of rain and 56 inches of snow annually. July is the hottest month of the year for the region, with a high temperature of 87 degrees. The coldest winter month is January, with a low temperature of 12 degrees. The most comfortable months for tourists to visit the area, based on weather, would be June, September, and August.[5] The area is full of wildlife, fish, and plants. Hunting is no stranger to Idaho. Elk, deer, pronghorns, black bears, and mountain lions are found in the area. Birds within the destination include duck, geese, and doves.[14] There is not a shortage of streams, rivers, and lakes in Idaho. Fish include wild trout, catfish, smallmouth bass, salmon, steelhead, and more. Many fishing spots in Idaho provide year-round fishing opportunities.[15]


Some of the first known people to occupy the Lava Hot Springs Region were the Bannock and Shoshone Indian tribes. The area had plenty of wildlife, rivers, hot springs, nuts, seeds, etc., making it a desired place to live. Bob Dempsey was one of the first European settlers to come to the area. Bob Dempsey and the Indians worked together, and Bob Dempsy married a Native American. During the 1870s, many advancements were made in regards to expanding and developing the area. Railroads, transportation, and tourism began and continued to increase. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the city that is now called the Lava Hot Springs was called Dempsey, named after Bob Dempsey. On July 24, 1915, the area was renamed Lava Hot Springs. Railroads, hotels, stores, and restaurants made an impact on the expansion of the area. The hot springs were a draw back in the day and continue to draw to the destination today.[17] 

Lava Hot Springs is a small town in Idaho, with a population of 407 people. 97.5% of the population identifies as White, .2% are African American, .2% are Native American, 1.2% are from other races, .7% are from two or more races, and 4.2% are Hispanic or Latino. Lava Hot Springs is part of the Pocatello, Idaho metropolitan area.[16]


Alpaca Inn

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
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The Alpaca Inn is near the mid-eastern portion of the town of Lava Hot Springs, which is located in the south-eastern part of Idaho. It can be found just a short distance to the west of the renowned mineral hot springs, which the city is named after. The Alpaca Inn has 14 different rooms available for guests and there is a ranch on the premises where the owners raise their own alpacas and sell their own alpaca-themed souvenirs. The area is very mountainous and there are a number of hiking trails and camping grounds that can be found in the vicinity.

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The Mountain Inn Resort is located in small town Afton, Wyoming. The property is adjacent to the highway and is surrounded by a golf course and a national forest. The town of Afton is small and family-oriented town with many outdoor-oriented attractions. The resort has fourteen condos available for reservation spread throughout two buildings. Each condo is outfitted with rustic, wildlife-inspired decor. Mountain Inn Resort is open-year round with an increase of guests during the middle of the summer due to the warm weather and outdoor activities such as golfing, rafting, and fishing. During the winter there are winter activities to participate in as well.

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