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Cowper Inn

The Cowper Inn is located in Palo Alto, California and is nearby Stanford University. There are 17 rooms available for guests to stay in, across two different buildings. The houses were originally built at the end of the 19th century, and have been updated to include private bathrooms for each room, as well as private entrances to all of the guest rooms. One of the buildings is built in a Victorian-style, and the other is a Craftsman-style home. Both buildings were initially homes before they were converted into the Cowper Inn. There is free parking available at the property, as well as a seating area outside that guests can use.


The Cowper Inn, located in Palo Alto, California, is open year-round and has 17 rooms available for guests to stay in. The property has two buildings, with rooms evenly spread amongst both houses. The buildings are over 120 years old and still have some of the original wood flooring and windows in the inn today. One of the homes is Victorian-style, and the other is Craftsman-style. There is also a yoga studio on the property, and there are packages available for guests to purchase and take part in the classes offered daily. There are common areas outside on the grounds between the two buildings, as well as a patio area in the back. The buildings have much of their original historic architecture. There is room in the back for events of up to 400 people. The property sits on roughly an acre and a half of land and is nearby to multiple restaurants as well as Stanford University.

The exterior of the Cowper Inn is home to multiple plants, including ferns, flowers, and relatively tall trees. The seating area in the back of the property has potted flowers, as well as more vegetation. The patio area has chairs that guests can use to socialize if desired.

 Each room at the inn has private entrances. There is free parking for guests, and the inn offers transportation to and from the airport for an additional fee. There is an ironing board and iron in every room, as well as free internet for guests. Each room has a private bathroom with toiletry products, handmade soaps, and fresh linens and bathrobes that guests can use. Some of the rooms have skylights to allow for more natural light, and several of the rooms have kitchenettes as well. One room on the property, the Carriage House, features a kitchen, as well. It is separate from both of the houses on the property and can accommodate four guests. Details about each specific room's features can be found on the Cowper Inn's website. 

The Cowper Inn hosts events on the property for those who are looking to start small businesses. The owner, Joji Arellano, has been part of multiple small business projects and hosts seminars on-site to share his experiences in the industry with others. More information about these events can also be found by calling the Cowper Inn.


The owner, Joji Arellano hopes that guests who stay at the Cowper Inn have a safe and comfortable stay. They also strive to provide guests with a comfortable place to stay by focusing on what they feel are the most important things their patrons may need. Each room comes with an iron and an ironing board so if guests have meetings they need to attend while in town, they can iron out their clothes before hand. Every room has a private entrance so guests can feel free to come and go as they choose. Some of the rooms also feature a skylight, which the owner hopes to provide those who stay at the inn with more natural lighting. The owner does this to try and help guests have a relaxing stay at the inn. The location of the Cowper Inn is nearby multiple restaurants, as well as Stanford University. Some of the restaurants that Joji recommends are Buck's Restaurant, Cook's Seafood, and Chef Chu's. 

The owners of the Cowper Inn describe the property as being a "boutique hotel." Breakfast is not served on the property, but there are many restaurants near the property that guests can eat at. There is no smoking allowed inside the houses, but it is allowed on the property outside. Additionally, weed is allowed for usage outside of the house as well. There are no pets allowed at the inn.

At the inn, workshops are available for entrepreneurs or small business owners. Those who stay for the workshop stay for 13 days and 14 nights. The purpose of these workshops is to help those in attendance become more effective leaders. More information about these workshops can be obtained by calling the property and speaking with the owner about them.

Guests who stay at the property comment on the ambiance of the house, as well as the location of the property and the hospitality of the owner. One guest said "Lovely historical inn within walking distance of town." The city of Palo Alto is home to many museums and places that guests can visit. Located less than a mile from the property is the Palo Alto Arts Center, as well as the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. Stanford University is also nearby, and the school hosts many events that the public can enjoy. 15 miles away from the property is Castle Rock State Park, which has a variety of activities such as hiking available. The owner recommend Buck's Restaurant, as well as Café Brioche and Cook's Seafood.


The Cowper Inn was originally two homes next door to each other. Built in the 1890s the homes were renovated during the 1930s to include apartments, which are now used as rooms at the Cowper Inn. During World War II, the homes were owned by doctors who worked at Stanford University. They used the homes as lodging for women who had family members on active duty and were fighting in the war. The women who stayed on the property assisted with the war effort from home, with many of them participating in helping the troops however they could from Palo Alto. At any given time during those years, there were over 50 people staying on the properties. One of the women who stayed on the property during the war had been recently married when she came to stay. Her recent husband had gone to serve in the war, and she came to stay and help from Palo Alto. Later, after the buildings were turned into what is today the Cowper Inn, she came to stay at the property once again and told stories from her time living there. 

The houses have been updated to accommodate guests and the owners strive to provide guests with a comfortable place to stay. Since the buildings were built, bathrooms were added so that every room has a private bathroom. Around a year ago, the exteriors of the buildings were also painted. Electrical, heating, and updated plumbing were also added to the houses. 

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