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Coyote Inn

The Coyote Inn, currently owned and operated by Barb Miller, has seven accommodations that are available year-round. Barb hopes that the property will serve as a place of "rest and relaxation" for those who stay there, as a number of amenities are provided for such purposes, namely a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pit, grill, and courtyard. While the inn is located in a residential district of Palm Springs, California, the vicinity offers a wide range of activities for people to engage in. The adjacent mountain range has several hiking trails, and downtown Palm Springs has an arrangement of shops and restaurants. Barb encourages visitors to tour the area during their stay, and she often gives recommendations of nearby attractions or dining options that may pique the interest of her guests.


Located in southern California, the Coyote Inn encompasses about half an acre in the city of Palm Springs. Guests can reserve one of the establishment's seven accommodations, all of which are equipped with either a full kitchen or a kitchenette. The owner of the business, Barb Miller, notes that the reservable rooms are categorized into four different sizes. Regardless of which size of accommodation occupants are staying in, a private bathroom, fireplace, TV, and access to WiFi are all provided over the course of their stay. Barb observes that the three most popular rooms tend to be Room #2, Room #7, and Room #8. She supposes that Room #8 receives a higher number of visitors annually on account of it containing a living room, dining room, and kitchen area. Considering its comparatively larger size, Barb describes this unit as an apartment.

Apart from the rooms that guests can stay in, the Coyote Inn has a few common areas and amenities that intend to offer "rest and relaxation" for everyone, in the words of Barb. The rooms surround the property's courtyard, where patrons can utilize a grill, swimming pool, hot tub, and fire pit. Flowers, trees, and greenery adorn the courtyard, as well as several palm trees that can provide shade. The courtyard also has a water fountain, tables, and sun loungers for those who want to relax by the pool. Barb notes that on some occasions, visitors may spot a few hummingbirds on-site.

Outside the grounds of the Coyote Inn, Barb describes the vicinity as "a mix of residential and boutique ends." Other businesses are established around the property, and a number of attractions can be found as well. Hiking, shopping, and walking along the downtown area are some of the pastimes that visitors have engaged in, as reported by Barb. Specific attractions that the innkeeper recommends her patrons visit include the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, Living Desert, Thursday Night Village Fest, and the nearby outlet malls. She also mentions that the Coyote Inn is in fairly close proximity to a tram that can take people from the desert floor to the top of the mountain. For those who are seeking places to eat, Barb recommends Las Casuelas Terraza, Johannes, and Spencer's Restaurant.


Barb Miller, the owner of the Coyote Inn, wants everyone who stays at the property to feel "welcomed and part of the family." She further explains, "I want people to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed." In an effort to give this experience, Barb tries to interact with her patrons as much or as little as they would like. She comments that there have been times when guests gather in the courtyard to socialize and drink wine together, describing the inn as "a community." One person who previously stayed at the Coyote Inn commented on the property in a review, saying, "Wonderful, well-maintained, small hotel in prime Palm Springs neighborhood. Lovely heated pool and spa. Easy walk to shops and restaurants." Barb remarks that she has heard some people deem Coyote Inn "a gem in the desert."

The innkeeper believes that the amenities that are available to everyone during their stay contribute to the "relaxing experience" that she hopes to provide. For example, the rooms contain a unique feature that intends to help occupants rest well at night, which is essentially a black light that can be activated to illuminate hand-painted stars on the ceiling. Barb remarks that after the black light is turned off, the stars stay lit for about 20 minutes. She also comments that these stars are "accurate to the constellations." 

As the Coyote Inn caters more toward an older demographic of visitors, children are not permitted to stay on-site. Pets are also prohibited from accompanying guests during their stay. With regard to smoking, people are welcome to do so at the back of the premises, though patrons are restricted from smoking in the courtyard. These policies are enforced to ensure the peaceful atmosphere that Barb seeks to create. 

The Coyote Inn is open year-round, typically experiencing its busiest season of operation from September 15th to June 1st. Barb attributes this to the snowbirds who frequent the establishment during the winter. A relatively high quantity of Canadians have visited the inn, according to Barb, as well as people from England, Germany, Australia, and Austria, among other places. Nearly 85% of those who stay at the property are reportedly repeat guests.


Constructed in 1953, the Coyote Inn originally had four units for people to occupy and was referred to as Far View Motel at the time. The present owner of the inn, Barb Miller, purchased the establishment about 15 years ago. Notably, Barb had been a guest of the property for nine years before acquiring the company from the previous owners who suggested that she buy it from them. While the property has not undergone any extensive renovations or major changes, Barb has still made a few minor updates and repairs to keep up with standard maintenance. Since becoming the innkeeper, Barb has come to find that her favorite part of her job is meeting the people that "come from all over the world." She remarks that some of her patrons have been visiting for 45 years now.

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