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Dutch Pete's Ranch

Robert Fletterick and Sarah Adams have been the owners of Dutch Pete's Ranch since 2000, offering the home's one-bedroom accommodation to visitors since 2010. The establishment is situated in a rural, mountainous region of Benton, California, in the eastern portion of the state. Its natural surroundings typically appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, who generally comprise the demographic of visitors to Dutch Pete's Ranch. Considering the number of outdoor activities that are available year-round—such as hiking and cross-country skiing, to name a couple—Robert and Sarah try to promote exploration in the locality, as the property is within proximity of Black Lake, Benton Hot Springs, and Mono Lake, among several other natural sites.


Dutch Pete's Ranch, located along Benton Crossing, is a 1,300-square-foot home that occupies a 160-acre expanse between multiple mountain ranges. While the owner describes the establishment's style as "rustic elegant," modern amenities are provided throughout the home over the course of one's stay. A king-size bed and pull-out queen bed are supplied upstairs in the one-bedroom accommodation, and it should be noted as well that guests are given access to WiFi during the duration of their time at Dutch Pete's Ranch. Beyond the walls of the home, an on-site barbeque grill is provided on the grounds for visitors to utilize. 

Sarah Adams, one of the owners of the business, emphasizes the location of the home and its vicinity, as she remarks that "each season has something to offer" in terms of local attractions. Oftentimes, Mammoth Lake and June Mountain draw those who enjoy alpine skiing in the winter, which is found about a 45-minute drive to the west of Dutch Pete's Ranch. Cross-country skiing can also be engaged in both on-site or within five miles of the grounds. The desertlands that encompass the property are characterized by a few natural hot springs that tend to receive a fair amount of visitors during the winter as well. According to Sarah, these hot springs are positioned along the same road that leads to the home. At a slightly further distance than the previously mentioned activities, patrons can undertake ice climbing about an hour's drive away. 

As for the spring season, bird watching and hiking are relatively popular pastimes among tourists, and Sarah notes that skiing is still an available option at this time of year. Black Lake Preserve on the north side of the property is said to be a reasonable place for birdwatching, as mentioned by the owner. With regard to the fall and summer activities, these seasons can offer similar attractions to visitors, with the chief variance being the changing color of the leaves in the fall. Sarah explains that the canyons and passes in the area are "good for photography." In parallel to this, she says that wild horses are often seen roaming the valley. Those who visit during the summer can go hiking, fly fishing, rock climbing, or cycling on Highway 20, which reportedly tends to have "very little traffic," in the words of Sarah. Regardless of which time of year guests choose to stay at Dutch Pete's Ranch, stargazing is an activity that can be participated in year-round, according to the owners.

Notably, Sarah says that White Mountain Peak is the "highest peak in Mammoth County," as it extends nearly 14,252 feet high. White Mountain Range also houses the Ancient Bristol Cone Pine Forest, which Sarah says serves as the setting for "the oldest living trees in the world." Apart from the natural sites that are scattered around Dutch Pete's Ranch, the establishment is also within fairly close proximity to Benton Hot Springs and the town of Benton. There, patrons can explore a few local dining options. One such that Sarah recommends to her guests is called Benton Station Cafe, which is located about seven miles away and is operated by a local Native American Paiute tribe, as told by Sarah. With the exclusion of Benton, the other urban areas around Dutch Pete's Ranch are more distant, many of which are over an hour's drive away. However, Sarah notes that there are a few dining options that visitors may enjoy in the further towns and cities, such as a burger joint called Mono Cone, several bakeries in Bishop, and a Thai restaurant at Bishop Airport.


Sarah Adams and Robert Fletterick, the owners of Dutch Pete's Ranch, want their patrons to feel "comfortable like it's a home away from home." In an effort to offer this experience, the owners strive to equip the accommodation and other common areas with "everything that guests might need." Sarah and Robert take pride in the Western location of Dutch Pete's Ranch; as such, they encourage their patrons to "take the time to stop, sit, and recharge." They also hope that their visitors will feel inspired and calm at Dutch Pete's Ranch, as Sarah explains that some people spend time drawing the geographic features around the property. For this reason, she describes the landscape as unique in that sense. Moreover, Sarah mentions that she believes the business is most known for "being a comfortable, well-kept house with amazing views." One former visitor of Dutch Pete's Ranch commented on this aspect in a review of their experience, as they stated, "Beautiful, peaceful oasis. The off-grid home has all of the amenities you’ll need to enjoy the comforts of home. The alpenglow on the crags is breathtaking."

Prior to staying at Dutch Pete's Ranch, everyone should be aware of a few policies that are implemented on-site. Generally speaking, Sarah and Robert primarily want people to "respect the house as if it were their own." Due to fire hazards, smoking is prohibited on the premises. In terms of pet guidelines, visitors are welcome to bring one pet with them provided that the owners are given advance notice. Sarah explains that per the County Ordinance, she and Robert discourage camping on the property or bringing extra trailers. It should also be taken into account that the business requires a three-night minimum stay in the accommodation.

Dutch Pete's Ranch is open year-round, and Sarah says that the property is "consistently busy year-round." The summer season, however, commonly draws a number of travelers to the area, especially those who enjoy warm-weather activities. The owner says that August tends to be the hottest month, and the summer season often brings heat waves. Young couples and people who enjoy mountaineering generally constitute the demographic of those who stay at Dutch Pete's Ranch. The business has received a number of middle-aged visitors and retired folks as well, though overall, the property mainly sees outdoor-oriented travelers. 


Dating back to the 1870s, Dutch Pete's Ranch was originally purchased by an individual named Peter, who sold blocks of ice in the local area. Following his ownership, the property fell into the hands of several owners over the course of its history, primarily serving as a ranch with livestock—specifically sheep and cattle. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Robert Fletterick, Sarah's husband, acquired the acreage, and he finished constructing the home in 2008. Two years after the building's completion, it began operating as a lodging business. Since then, Sarah and Robert have come to find that their favorite part of their jobs as owners is interacting with their guests whenever they are given the opportunity. They also love the quality of the home as well as its location in a mountainous and secluded area. The owners encourage their visitors to explore the vicinity and walk around the property to "experience the Wild West."

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