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Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast

Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast is located near the Sierra Nevada foothills in the town of Ahwahnee, California. The property is located on about 100 acres of land that features orchards, vineyards, chicken coops, and other various produce grown by the owner. Close to the bed and breakfast is Yosemite National Park, which is one of the biggest draws to the area. Other attractions include concerts, a county fair, and a seasonal firework show. There are a total of three rooms available for reservation during the business’s operation, which is from mid-May to October. All units are equipped with a private bathroom, a queen-sized bed, a TV, and a mini fridge, to name a few amenities. Common areas in the house include a dining room and a common room that features a bookshelf. 


Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast, located in the town of Ahwahnee, California, is situated on 100 acres of land. On the premises, there is one primary building for the bed and breakfast and other buildings designated for the farm. The land contains various orchards, vineyards, chicken coops, and crops grown by the owners. Specifically, there are 16 apple trees, a cherry tree, an Asian pear tree, two pomegranates, and three olive trees, to name a few. Asparagus, strawberries, blackberries, and tomatoes are also grown. During the summer, the owner designates his time to the farm, while the cooler months are used to operate the bed and breakfast. The owner reports that some of the produce grown on their farm is used to make the breakfasts that are served to guests each morning. 

A “gourmet breakfast” is made by Peter, the owner, every day. Items that are often served include farmhouse blueberry buttermilk pancakes, lemon-poppy seed crepes, omelets that the patron can customize, and asparagus that are sauteed in garlic and lemon juice and served with eggs, to name a few. Every meal is said to be organic and gluten-free, says Peter, and they are willing to accommodate other food sensitives or allergies visitors may have. Everything is served in the dining room.

The outside of the Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast has various activities and areas for guests to visit. According to the property’s website, the owner believes that the premise is a favorable location to view the night sky due to “no city light interference.” Features of the land include a seasonal pond and the greenery of the area such as ponderosa, grey pines, live oaks, and manzanita. “We’re surrounded by mountains, so every view that you look, you’re going to see mountains,” says Peter. The business is near the Sierra Nevada foothills and is also about a 30-minute drive from Yosemite National Park. With the sizable premises, the property offers multiple walking trails throughout the 100 acres of land. 

The aforementioned building used for the inn is described as a “ranch-style house” by Peter, the owner of the business. Accommodations can be made in the house for those with disabilities and for people who use a wheelchair. The owner remarks that the furnishings in the house are often made of white oak; other features in the building are a wood stove and an overall “arts and crafts style” throughout the house. There are a total of three rooms in the house, two of which are available for reservation during the operating season of the business and the other is used for the owners who live on the property. The first bedroom, The Map Room, has a queen bed and is decorated with maps Peter has collected in the past. Other rooms offer a view of the yard space outside, such as the gardens and orchards. The second bedroom, named The Master, also has a queen bed, but unlike the other room, it features a gas fireplace and an outdoor porch through the sliding glass doors in the room. Amenities provided in both units are private bathrooms, a mini fridge, a TV with Apple TV, books, games, and Wi-Fi. The Master room is said to have a larger bathroom than the other unit, says Peter. Common areas throughout the house include a room with bookcases and a dining room that can seat up to eight patrons at a time.


When staying at the Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast, guests are expected to abide by the policies that Peter, the owner, has established for his business. One such policy is that smoking is prohibited at the establishment. Moreover, pets are not allowed to accompany visitors during their stay. It should also be noted that quiet hours start at 10:00 p.m. Guests must check in at the appointed time between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. and check out before 10:00 a.m. on their designated departure day. Lastly, kitchen use is restricted to guests.

Peter remarks that he wants all of his patrons to “feel relaxed [and] enjoy getting away” when they stay at the property. Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast is relatively secluded from the urban areas, which Peter says provides guests with the "opportunity to connect with nature better." To help visitors feel welcome, the owner gives a tour of the property and gives them a map of the trails on the premises. He also provides chairs outside each room so that people can lounge outside at their leisure. Peter reports that he interacts with his patrons quite frequently. “It’s about giving a truly great experience,” he says. One previous guest left a review saying, “The property is stunning, breakfast was delicious, and the hosts were lovely to be around. Plus, Peter is practically a Yosemite guide; he gave us great hiking and park tips.”

The Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast is open seasonally from mid-May to October. Peter notes that the business is busy throughout its time of operation due to the changing activities in Yosemite National Park. During the spring, visitors come to see the waterfalls in the park, while July is when more areas of the park are open which tends to draw more people. Those who typically visit the bed and breakfast are young couples who come for Yosemite and other nearby national parks, according to the owner. Other activities and events that occur in the area include a county fair, concerts, and fireworks at a nearby lake during Independence Day. Furthermore, Peter says that he can give recommendations of restaurants to eat at, which range from fast food and brew pubs to high-end places.


Before Peter Berg, the current owner, bought the property, it was utilized by the previous owners as a vacation house. The present owner first purchased the land where the Foxtail Farm Bed & Breakfast is located in July of 2015. Three years later, in 2018, Peter decided to open the bed and breakfast. Peter retired early from his career and he and his wife concluded that they have the “perfect set-up and perfect location for a B&B,” he says. In order to start the business, the owner made various renovations, such as adding handrails, a water treatment plant, and fire extinguishers. Since starting his business, Peter reports that his favorite part of the job is being able to meet people from around the world and “get a very different perspective on what’s going on in the world.” He also says that he enjoys helping guest customize their trip to Yosemite National Park. 

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