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Homestead Cottages

Homestead Cottages

The Homestead Cottages are located in Ahwahnee, California, along a heavily wooded hillside. Over 40 acres make up the property where the seven private cottages are located, as well as a walking trail that goes up the hillside. Each cottage is themed after its individual name, such as The Garden Cottage or the Native American Cottage. The property is located near various attractions, including Bass Lake, Nelder Grove, Fresno Country Blossom Trail, Madera Wine Trail, and most notable of all is Yosemite National Park. The summer is the busiest time for the establishment due to visitation to such locations; however, the property is open year-round. 


Homestead Cottages is located in the town of Ahwahnee, California. The property is comprised of 40 acres that are located on a hillside. On the land, there are seven cottages available for reservation. Amenities provided with every cottage include a full kitchen, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, a TV, ironing boards, and fireplaces. The accommodations also have access to a private bathroom that includes a shower. Each cottage has its own theme, generally following a “rustic style,” according to the owner. The various names for the structures reflect the theme; for example, the Native American Cottage has decorations that relate to Native Americans. The Stagecoach is the owner’s favorite cottage, and she reports that many patrons of the cottage enjoy the king bed and wood furnishings in the room.  Families tend to prefer the Garden Cottage since it is more spacious than the other cottages. One past guest commented that “we absolutely loved our stay at the garden cottage. This place is nicely decorated, cozy, secluded, and a perfect getaway from city life. We had everything we needed in the cottage; it felt immediately like home.” The decorations and style of the cabins come from the previous owner, who also characterized them with several wood accents, namely wood beams, wood walls, and ceilings made of the same material.

The property has a hiking trail that goes up the hill on which it is located. Most of the 40 acres of land is “natural,” says the owner, since no additional features have been added to the grounds. Most of the premises are comprised of trees. The owner says it is essential to be careful during the summertime when exploring the area since the vegetation is dry and easily flammable, and water is limited. Regarding the nearby things to do in the area, it is to note that a historic site designated to honor Native Americans is situated near the premise, which is an attraction guests tend to visit often. Another attraction is Yosemite National Park, located 22 miles away from the park’s south gate.


“We are open to opportunities” to host events and activities at the Homestead Cottages, says the owner. The property is able to accommodate smaller groups of around 20 people, which the owners say is a decent size for family reunions. When people come to stay at the property, there are certain policies they must follow. Such rules include pets not being permitted on the property. This policy is implemented with the intent to keep the establishment clean and to try to make it a more comfortable environment for those who are allergic. Smoking is also not permitted. During the summertime, the area is reportedly very dry, and as such the owner asks that there not be fires during this time on the grounds. There is no quiet time on the property because, according to the owner, all of the cabins are spaced in a way that patrons can’t hear one another. She explains that her property is quiet and private.

The Homestead Cottages is meant to be a place where visitors can come and relax, reports the owner when explaining her goals for her business. It’s a place to “breathe in [the] fresh air,” she says. The landscape is known to have turkeys, various birds, and occasionally deer wandering through the property that visitors can often see. A majority of visitors to the property come from out of the country to see the surrounding area, specifically Yosemite National Park. Another typical demographic of guests to stay at the Homestead Cottages includes couples, especially those on their honeymoon or celebrating their anniversaries. The owner says that if they are aware of such events ahead of time, she will put a rose or card in the cottage for those patrons.

The owner says that a unique thing about their property is the atmosphere found on the land, as described before. It’s said to be a place that is quiet and often has a romantic atmosphere for couples. Another way the establishment tries to create such an atmosphere is by providing individual cottages that are not shared with other guests. One past visitor to the property remarked that “It’s very quiet, with enjoyable cottages. Hospitality is not lost at Homestead. They were so kind and accommodating. Rooms are clean, accommodations are scenic, and our stay was more than worth the price.” Other things the establishment provides for its guests include private parking and an electric car charging station. The business is open year-round, with the busiest times being the summer months between June to August. Although summer is reported to be the busiest time to visit the area, the owner states that the property is "beautiful from February through April while the mountains are green and the wildflowers are blooming."

As mentioned previously, Yosemite National Park is a big draw for visitors to the area. However, there are various other attractions nearby that people stay at the Homestead Cottages to visit. Such sites include Bass Lake, Nelder Grove, Fresno Country Blossom Trail, and the Madera Wine Trail. Activities that guests can participate in include the Sierra Nevada Motorsports, Zephyr Whitewater Expeditions, and River Creek Golf Course. When patrons are in town, the owner will often give recommendations of places they can eat. The owner will recommend to her guest's various places to eat in the area such as a relatively up-scale French Restaurant called Elderberry House and Oakhurst Grill & Whiskey 41 Lounge.


The Homestead Cottages business has been in operation since September of 1992. All of the buildings on the land were added and designed by the original owners. They were also the ones to landscape the area and add the gardens to the grounds. Each cottage was built one-by-one through the years since opening in ’92. Eventually, the land was sold, and the current owner has operated the property since.
The owner has made several changes to the property since purchasing the land. Future plans that the establishment intends to embark on are allowing weddings to be hosted on the premises and providing a wedding planner for visitors. They are currently in the process of putting all of the packages together. “We are open to opportunities” to host events and activities, says the owner.

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