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Hotel Giles

Hotel Giles

In the town of Comfort, Texas, can be found the locally-owned Hotel Giles. There are 15 different accommodation options available for visitors to choose from, each varying in size. All rooms include a private ensuite bathroom, flatscreen TVs, coffee makers, heating and air conditioning units, and wifi. Breakfast is served daily to patrons, with meals alternating between sweet and savory each day. A complimentary "happy hour" time is provided to guests weekly, specifically on Fridays between 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Hotel Giles is open year-round to visitors, being generally busy throughout the year except for the winter. Merredith, the hotel manager, remarks that the establishment is “decorated in a classic look with a modern feel.” The hotel was built in 1880 and was designed by Alfred Giles, the business’s namesake. Over the years, the property has seen various renovations, all keeping true to the hotel’s original architecture.


Those looking to stay at Hotel Giles, located in Comfort, Texas, are able to choose from 15 different accommodations. Of these rooms, the manager comments that “no two rooms here at the Hotel Giles are alike.” She further explains that units vary in size and amenities. Examples of this include units that include kitchens and fireplaces. Standard amenities offered in each room include heating and air conditioning, coffee makers, flatscreen TVs with free Netflix access, ensuite bathrooms, and wifi. Suite 21, according to the manager, is one of the most popular accommodations among patrons due to its 100-gallon soaker tub, king-size bed, and chandelier. Another popular unit is the log cabin, used initially by previous owners as a storefront to sell antiques. The building is situated against the property's original Carriage House, making them one building. Guests commonly utilize this unit as a honeymoon suite due to a reportedly "warmer feel," as explained by one of the property's managers, Merredith.

The building for the Hotel Giles is two stories and is primarily built out of limestone. Merredith reports that the property has a “German feel” and is “decorated in a classic look with a modern feel.” Features on the premises—which are just over 0.6 acres in size—include a gazebo in the middle of the courtyard; this gazebo is original to the property but has been refurbished throughout the years. Two viewing areas are accessible and adorned with Adirondack chairs for patrons to use at their leisure; additionally, there is more sitting available at the front of the property. Other common areas at Hotel Giles include a parlor that features a fireplace and is where the weekly happy hour occurs every Friday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Alcohol during the happy hour is complimentary for those staying at the hotel, but those from the public who come to the event are requested to bring their own beverages since alcohol is not sold on the property.

Merredith mentions that the town of Comfort is known for “antiques, gift shops, food [and] restaurants.” Other attractions in the surrounding area include golf courses, bike trails, and Flat Rock Ranch. Specific attractions include Studio Comfort Texas, Guadalupe River, The 8th Street Market, and Ingenhuett on High, which is a wedding and event venue. Overall, the manager reports that “it’s a very walkable town.” If desired, patrons are able to use bicycles provided by the hotel; the only requirement is that they must sign a waiver before using them free of charge. There are also various restaurants in the area; the manager recommends High’s Cafe & Store, Food for the Soul Bistro, Comfort Pizza, and Flamingo Street Gourmet Fusion Cuisine.

In addition to the bicycles that are included in a visitor’s stay at the Hotel Giles, guests are also provided with a complimentary breakfast every morning, served at 9:00 AM. Typical items served include bacon, egg, and cheese frittatas; french toast; and blueberry pancakes. Items served with the main course include homemade biscuits, sausage links, yogurt, fruit, orange juice, coffee, and tea. Dishes typically alternate between sweet and savory each day. The size of the breakfast varies on the time of the week. Weekends are generally when breakfasts are larger. Merredith remarks that patrons can make breakfast requests regarding dietary restrictions or preferences when booking a reservation.


Hotel Giles management has set the goal of providing a place where guests can come and feel “well cared for and pampered,” remarks Merredith, the current manager of the hotel. One of the ways they strive to achieve this is by providing a weekly happy hour, access to staff throughout the day, and answering any questions someone might have about reservations or the surrounding area. One of the manager’s hopes for their patrons is that they are able to “enjoy the town as much as we do.” To further create their desired atmosphere, the establishment has set certain policies for guests to follow. Such policies include no smoking, no pets in the more historic part of the hotel, and quiet hours starting at 10:00 PM. When visitors are looking to stay at the hotel, the manager says it is important to note that the rooms are designed for two people except for the cottage, which has two beds instead of one.

Possible property-hosted events—in addition to the aforementioned happy hour—are bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, and relatively smaller weddings. Merredith reports that the town of Comfort has become a “wedding destination” where on most given days, there are usually three weddings taking place throughout the town.

Hotel Giles is open year-round to visitors. Merredith reports they are busy for most of the year during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. As previously mentioned, weddings are common in the town of Comfort, which attributes to one of the main demographic of patrons staying at the hotel being wedding guests. Other common types of visitors include people coming to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays. Overall the typical demographic for those staying at Hotel Giles is couples from the age of 35 to 65. About twenty percent of guests who stay at Hotel Giles are returning patrons. Those who have stayed at the property have left reviews commenting on how they enjoyed their stay. One such guest said, “this was the best stay my husband and I had in a long time. The room was perfect. It had everything we needed to have a quiet evening away for our anniversary.” Another review left by a patron remarks, “We felt like we had stepped back in time. I love the decor and the amenities. The location is perfectly centered in Comfort. One of our favorite places to go is the gallery directly across the street.”


The building used for the Hotel Giles was originally built in the 1880s and was designed by Alfred Giles, the namesake of the business. Peter Ingenhuett and Marie Karger were the original owners of the property, commissioning Alfred to build the hotel. The Carriage House is said by the manager to have been built to service stagecoaches as they stopped through the area on their way to the train station.  Over the years, the hotel has received multiple renovations due to its relatively old age, but it still has its original root cellar, which is in the process of being converted into a wine cellar.

In the early 1900s, the hotel switched ownership to Louis and Mathilda Faust until 1946, when the owners stopped operating the property, and it fell into decline. It wasn’t until 1985 that Dr. Bob and Diane Potter purchased the property and restored the building. According to the property's website, this couple is accredited with “saving the hotel from ruin and further protecting.”

There have been various owners of the hotel over the years, with the last change of ownership happening in 2022 by a group of locals. The hotel's website reports that the current owners “have a strong commitment to preserving the historic character of the hotel and grounds." One of the biggest renovations that Merredith, the manager of Hotel Giles, reports the current owners have undertaken is the “beautification of the courtyard.”

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