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Hotel Kitsmiller on Main

Hotel Kitsmiller on Main is a motor court hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas. Less than a mile from downtown, the establishment offers 22 visitor accommodations varying in size and amenities. Some rooms, such as Waylon Jenning, Hondo Crouch, and Willie Nelson, are themed after notable people. Certain Texan symbols, such as Cactus King Kitchenette and Cactus Queen Kitchenette, influence other themes. Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's public spaces include a renovated lobby with vinyl records, an outdoor seating area at the back of the property, and several walking spaces behind the establishment's three buildings. Fredericksburg holds a number of yearly celebrations, such as Fourth of July and Christmas parades. A few attractions that can be found in the vicinity are Enchanted Rock, town fairgrounds, and the National Museum of the Pacific War.


Hotel Kitsmiller on Main is a motor court-style hotel in Fredericksburg, Texas, less than a mile from downtown. The property is split into three buildings, the backs of which face a century-old family farm. The main house is an "old stone building with a grey roof," as described by Matt Gutierrez, one of the hotel owners. A mural created by Nathan Madrid—a local artist and friend of Matt—is featured at the front of the property. The mural depicts Enchanted Rock, one of the area's attractions.

Hotel Kitsmiller on Main has 22 rentable units. These range in size and amenities; some can occupy small groups, while others are only for couples. The larger rooms range from having kitchenettes and living rooms to single queen beds. Additionally, many of the rooms are themed after the mid-1900s motor court style, giving a "vintage feel," according to Matt. For example, Cactus King Kitchenette and Cactus Queen Kitchenette have bedspreads and paintings of cacti and other desert symbols. Three other accommodations are named and themed after Willie Nelson, Waylon Jenning, and Hondo Crouch, the latter being the man who purchased Luckenbach, Texas, according to Matt. He also remarks that much of the hotel's interior is inspired by Frida Kahlo, a prominent figure that Matt and his wife, Taylor, share a similar perspective with in terms of how they try to see the world.

As previously mentioned, Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's rooms vary in size and amenities. However, standard accommodation features include organic shampoos, lotions, soaps, linens, towels, 12-inch memory foam mattresses, coffee from Shotgun House Roaster, bottled water, microwaves, and fridges. Matt further explains that ironing boards, irons, and hair dryers are available upon request. Finally, the rooms have flatscreen TVs and closets with hangers.

Hotel Kitsmiller on Main has a few common spaces for visitors, such as a renovated lobby area with "vintage offerings" and vinyl records, as reported by Matt. The back side of the property has a grassy sitting area with tables and lounge chairs, and Matt remarks that the seating faces a family farm, which is over 100 years old. According to Matt, the farm has chickens, "scenic views," and goats that will eat out of visitors' hands. Hotel Kitsmiller on Main is about 2.5 acres and has several walking spaces behind each building where guests can stroll and take their pets.

Some common attractions at Fredericksburg are the various parades throughout the year, such as a Fourth of July celebration and a Christmas parade. Matt also mentions the National Museum of the Pacific War, which he says has "two days of material" for visitors to see. Additionally, guests can visit the dome-shaped Enchanted Rock, though Matt recommends that they reserve spots due to the limited tourist capacity. Regarding dining locations, he suggests Otto's German Bistro, Hill Top Café, and Hondo's On Main. Matt additionally notes that Hondo's On Main is across the street from a donut shop called Top Donuts, a Texas-style barbecue called Slims BBQ.


Matt Gutierrez, co-owner of Hotel Kitsmiller on Main, wants his guests to feel relaxed and "that they're spending their money wisely on a local business." He also hopes that they feel secure, given that visitors have private entrances and can park their cars directly in front of their rooms. Matt adds that he wants Hotel Kitsmiller on Main to be "nostalgic" for those staying with him, as the property reflects a mid-1900s atmosphere. Finally, Matt expresses his hope that his visitors will enjoy their stay, feel excited about returning, and tell their friends about their experience. When explaining Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's uniqueness, Matt remarks, "You can't miss us when you're coming into town." He says that the property's mural and motor court style make the building stand out. He also notes that the hotel's rates and themed rooms set it apart from others in the area.

Many reviews outline Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's features and atmosphere. For instance, one guest said, "It is very convenient to the downtown area. It has a nice motel configuration with outside access from each room with a dedicated parking spot right outside your door." Another former occupant said, "Great place! The service was outstanding, and the people were friendly. We stayed in the Hunter's Lodge, and we were very happy that we couldn't hear the cars drive by even though we were close to the road. We walked everywhere we needed to go."

Hotel Kitsmiller on Main has several policies that visitors are required to follow. While the hotel is a pet-friendly property, a $25 pet fee is in place to ensure the proper cleaning of a room previously occupied by an animal. Guests must be 18 years of age or older to reserve a room, which must be done by credit card to make a reservation online or over the phone. Quiet time begins at 9:00 p.m., and smoking is prohibited anywhere inside the hotel. However, a designated smoking area is located outside. Matt continues, saying everyone should "be respectful of the property and their neighbors." He also notes Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's check-in and check-out process. Visitors can use express check-in, which means they can do so without assistance, and check-out is at 11:00 a.m. the day after check-in. 

Hotel Kitsmiller on Main operates year-round, though Matt notes that the best seasons are during the spring and fall. Spring, he explains, is notable for the blooming wildflowers, while fall cools down and is known for its Oktoberfest celebration. Matt also comments that the holiday season brings many people to Fredericksburg. Hotel Kitsmiller on Main's demographic mainly consists of couples and families, depending on the rooms available, and Matt says that he receives many repeat guests.


Hotel Kitsmiller on Main, originally named Miller's Modern Court, was built in the 1930s. It is currently operated by Matt and Taylor Gutierrez and Taylor's family, the Kitsmillers. Matt and Taylor acquired the property because the Kitsmillers had visited the hotel for many years, and they invested in it around 2015 and 2016. Upon acquisition, Matt and Taylor changed the hotel's name and decided to keep its general appearance as it was in the past, so they kept its motor court style. However, according to Matt, they updated its features and converted it into a "boutique-style place" with no extended stays.

Matt explains that he and Taylor updated the hotel's plumbing and electricity. They also added new furnishings, rebuilt the flooring, replaced walls, and named several of the themed rooms that are currently being used. The mural by Nathan Madrid was also added to Hotel Kitsmiller on Main."There's a lot of 'us' in what we do," Matt remarks, explaining the personal touches added to the establishment. Moving forward, he and Taylor would like to add a food and beverage area, perhaps a food truck or a built-in service. Additionally, they plan to extend the outdoor sitting area.

Matt and Taylor worked in the hotel business in Texas for several years. Matt worked in the food and beverage department while Taylor operated the rooms and guest services. The couple wanted to work for Taylor's family in order to, as Matt puts it, "get more of a focus on life instead of working in a big hotel next to a convention center." This led them to invest in Hotel Kitsmiller on Main. Matt says that he enjoys the work-life balance from his job, explaining that he can staff the hotel and still spend time with his family.

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