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Jenschke Orchards B&B

Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, located along Wine Road 290. Wine Road 290 is a location in Texas that includes 22 local wineries along the same road. The property itself only has one single floored cabin, which they consider to be a smaller part of what their main business is. The establishment's main business is their farm, which is found close to the cabin, and guests are allowed to roam the orchards and even pick some of the fruit off of the trees. Pets are allowed to join guests on the property and in the cabin for a small fee. Within the area, the owner mentions that one place of interest would be Enchanted Rock, which offers a number of outdoor activities, like hiking trails.


The Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast is located on a peach orchard, owned by the Jenschke family. The property is located within ten miles of Wine Road 290, a well-known street that includes 22 local wineries, each providing various drinking arrangements for their consumers. Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast offers a cabin rental for their patrons, located on their farm, near their convenience store's backside. Their local convenience store contains several goods for local travelers, including ice cream, cobblers, canned goods, gifts, and local produce. With the cabin being placed in a peach orchard, guests are permitted by the owners to pick peaches during their stay.

The cabin has a king-sized bed in its room, offering sleeping arrangements for guests. A queen-sized sleeping sofa can be found in the living room, providing additional sleeping for larger parties. Near the bed is a jacuzzi tub, providing cleansing and relaxation methods. A barn door on rollers separates the bedroom from the living space, equipped with a couch and TV. A walk-in shower and a bathroom are also located in the cabin, along with a full kitchen. The full kitchen includes a microwave, oven, refrigerator, sink, and various other appliances and silverware.

These amenities promote the "laid back" environment that the Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast strive to give off. Located near the Jenschke's farm, guests can pick their own produce, including eggs from the hens kept on site. On the weekends, the property supplies breakfast materials for guests to use, with items such as cinnamon rolls having been pre-supplied in the refrigerators. The Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast is pet friendly, allowing guests to bring their pets with them during their stay. A fee of 30 dollars is charged per night for the pets brought on the property.

The city of Fredericksburg, Texas, is known for its German descent. Initial German settlers refused to learn English, creating a Texas German dialect. One area of interest for tourists is the Enchanted Rock found in Fredericksburg. The Enchanted Rock is a pink granite exfoliation dome that rises at 425 feet above land, covering 640 acres. It offers various day activities, including hiking, camping, picnicking, and more.


Lindsey Jenschke, a part-owner of the Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast, states that the property strives for a culture of "simple and laid back." Guests who have stayed at the property mention in their reviews the staff of the property, stating "very friendly staff who provide a cute little cabin as well as quality produce." With the property being surrounded by a peach orchard, guests mention the peaches as being "wonderful, so much fun to pick!" Lindsey Jenschke also mentions wanting to give "normal people a taste of what her family considers to be normal."

The setting and location of the bed and breakfast are seen as "great and lovely, with the cabin located a short drive from town." Other reviews mentioned by guests refer to specific seasons that patrons should visit the property, stating, "come during peach season, you will not regret it! Juiciest peaches we have ever had!" Fredericksburg, the city that Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast is located in, is mentioned as being a "fun little city with a vibrant weekend life." With the wine industry being a strong suit in the area, Fredericksburg is seen as a "tourist attraction for parties, festivals, and more."

Near the bed and breakfast is the Wine 290, a street with 22 local wineries on it. These wineries are all award-winning, providing various sampling and drinking for guests. The area has been featured on various platforms, including HGTV, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and more. With several wine tours taking place, including the Texas Wine Tours and Majesty Tours, the Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast serves as a pickup up spot for the shuttles.


The same family has owned the acreage that the Jenschke Orchards Bed and Breakfast sits on for over 100 years. Lindsey and her husband, Barrett Jenschke, took a job in South Carolina during their early marriage stages. The couple decided to return to Texas, wanting to live in a "slower area, and relax more." The couple decided to build a bed and breakfast on the family-owned acreage, with the idea that "no one else had a bed and breakfast on a peach orchard, so ours was truly unique." The couple opened the bed and breakfast in 2012, where they have ran and operated it ever since.

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8381 E. US Highway 290
Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
United States


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Lindsey & Barrett Jenschke

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