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My RoseGarden

My RoseGarden Guestrooms is located in San Francisco, near both Golden Gate Park and Presidio National Park. There are four rooms available to guests: the Yellow Room, the Green Room, the Red Room and the Violet Room. The property is located in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco, which is a residential area of the city. The property has a variety of rose bushes growing in the front yard and is a short walk from many restaurants and parks guests can enjoy. The establishment is open year-round, with its busiest season being from August to November, because of the normally sunny weather in the city at that time of year. 


The My RoseGarden Guestroom property is located in San Francisco California and is just minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge. Located in the Richmond district, the property has four rooms available and is located in a residential neighborhood in the northwest section of the city. The building is three stories tall and was converted from a home to a bed and breakfast in 2006. 

The four rooms are the Red Room, the Green Room, the Violet Room, and the Yellow Room. Each room has a private bathroom for guests to use. The Yellow Room has an additional sofa bed that pulls out in case guests need to sleep more people. Each room has a different color theme, and throughout the house, each area is decorated differently with bright colors. The owner painted all the rooms with relatively vibrant colors with the hope of bringing contrast to the normally foggy area of San Francisco. The most popular room, according to the owner, is the Green Room, which has a canopy bed as well as a window seat. The Yellow Room is also relatively popular. It is located on the first floor and was the master bedroom before the building was converted to a bed and breakfast. Some of the rooms also have small window balconies that guests can look out of and see views of the city. Each room has free WiFi, a television, as well as soaps and towels those staying at the property can use. There are common rooms where guests can socialize and get to know each other on the first floor. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open for guests to enjoy if they choose. There is also a butler pantry off the kitchen that has a microwave, toaster oven, washer, dryer, and a small fridge that guests can use.

The property was named RoseGarden by the owner, Kathleen, for the roses she grows on the outside. There are 38-46 different rose bushes in the yard at any given time. There is a sign outside with a place to leash dogs that says "feel free to hitch up your pooch and stop and smell the roses." The surrounding neighborhood is home to many different restaurants, sights, and activities guests can enjoy. Down the street, within walking distance of the RoseGarden Guestrooms, is the Presidio of San Francisco, which is a former military post that has been turned into a 2 and a half square mile park for those who are in the area to spend time in. 

Breakfast is served every morning at the property at no additional cost to patrons. It is served at 8:00 AM every morning. Ingredients for breakfasts are locally sourced, and the signature breakfast at My RoseGarden is the San Francisco sourdough waffles. Owner Kathleen enjoys baking and has served breakfasts including zucchini muffins, quiche, and coffee cake. If guests have food allergies or other accommodations that they need taken care of, the staff is willing to provide alternatives. Guest can call early to inform Kathleen of such details and she will try to accommodate them. 


The My RoseGarden Guestrooms staff strives to help guests feel well taken care of and to create a relatively peaceful environment. Kathleen, the owner, tries to have the needs of her guests taken care of in advance and to be open to needs and suggestions from her visitors. Guests mention the location of the property, near Golden Gate State Park as well as Presidio Park, often in their reviews. One guest said "Comfy and well located. Good for getting to see another side of the city." Many guests who stay at the RoseGarden have traveled internationally to see San Francisco. Kathleen feels that these visitors from around the world help bring a different atmosphere to her property. She loves the opportunity to show them her culture and learn about theirs as well. Guests have come from Germany, France, and other European countries to stay at the property. 

The My RoseGarden is open year-round. During the summer months, Kathleen says that about 75% of the guests at the bed and breakfast are European, and the fall is a mix of both international visitors and those from different parts of the United States. The busiest season of operation for the guestrooms is August through November. September and October are generally the sunniest times of year for San Francisco, with most of the year leaning towards fog and chill. 

Every once and a while at the guestrooms, Kathleen will host cooking events to get to know guests better and share her love of cooking. Kathleen worked with a cooking school before becoming the owner of My RoseGarden and hopes to continue sharing her love of baking and cooking with guests in the future. The events are not scheduled, but guests can talk to Kathleen about them during or before their stay. 

Near the property are many restaurants guests can choose from to eat at. The area has different options for a wide variety of tastes, with food from many different countries available. There is a Turkish Restaurant two blocks from the property called Lokma that has a Michelin Star. Kathleen frequently recommends this restaurant for its food as well as the service. Another Mediterranean-style restaurant within walking distance is Pearl 6101. An Italian restaurant that the owner recommends is Fiorella Clement, which is slightly farther than the other two restaurants. San Francisco is known as a "transit first city," meaning that most things in the city can be accessed by public transportation. 


The building that is now home to My RoseGarden Guestrooms was built in 1911. It was originally built as a private home, which is what it was when the current owner bought the property. Since its construction over 100 years ago, the home has been owned by 15 other families and has been more than a home at points in its history. From 1970 to 1974, the house was used as a commune. It was divided into three sections and had walls in different places that the RoseGarden does currently. The owner discovered this recently when the owner of the property from that time came to see the house. Later, the same owner and his wife came to stay at the property for their 50th wedding anniversary. The house has had many changes done to it since its original construction in the 1900s, but the outward construction has stayed the same the entire life of the home. 

Kathleen Meeker, the owner of My RoseGarden Guestrooms, has been working in the hospitality industry since 2006. She worked in the landscape business for 14 years, where her fondness for roses began, and then worked with a cooking school for four years. She says that she wishes she had come to the hospitality industry sooner, saying that the business she is in now fits her personality well. 

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