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Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast Spa

Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast Spa

Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast, located in Borene, Texas, covers one hundred acres of land.  Since 2002, Judy Cornell has owned and operated the B&B, striving to give guests a memorable experience. Paniolo Ranch serves as a wedding venue in addition to being a bed and breakfast. Wedding packages and romantic-themed suites are offered to those who are staying at the property who have the intention to host their wedding, anniversary, or getaway. Guests are given the option of having breakfast as well as dinner, which can be served in the guesthouses upon request. The property's surroundings contain forested areas and hilly terrain with various wildlife. The bed and provides on-site outdoor amenities, including a gym, a pool, a library, and an art studio. 


Situated on approximately one hundred acres of land, Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast features five separate guesthouses. Typically visitors check-in at the main house upon arrival. Three of the units are spaced relatively close together, while two are about 1/5 of a mile away from the others. Each unit has a Hawaiin-related name. The guesthouses include the Lanai House, the Pineapple House, Honu House, Mele House, and the O'Hana House. Three of the houses sleep about six people, with the remaining two accommodating to about four occupants. The Honu, in particular, is designed for the getaway package for bridesmaids, or potentially groomsmen. The property offers several getaway packages. Each unit has a different theme. One resembles a world travel theme with decorations of Papua New Guinea and Australia and various other places, while another has a more European style. 

Guests can host weddings on the property as Paniolo Ranch additionally functions as a wedding venue. The decor has a rustic style and the property itself includes a Groom's Room and Bridal Suite. Wedding packages are available on Paniolo Ranch's official website.

Judy, the owner, mentions that the O'Hana House and Pineapple House are the most popular of all of the units. The Pineapple House includes some romantic characteristics that may appeal more to couples. It also features a covered porch with its own hot tub and a BBQ pit at the back. This particular unit is considered by the owner to be a more private house.

The environment consists of several trees and hills that can be seen from the property. The terrain is relatively forested and when ample rainfall occurs within the area, the on-site lake is available for visitors to swim, boat, or fish in depending on how deep the water is. The lake expands to about five acres and additionally includes a dock. A fair amount of wildlife inhabits the area, some of which include deer, wild boars, armadillos, raccoons, foxes, mountain lions, eagles, skunks, turtles, and wild turkey. 

Breakfast is served at Paniolo Ranch but is optional for those who are staying at the property. Should patrons choose to forego breakfast they are given a 10% discount off all bed and breakfast accommodations. Occupants are asked if they want breakfast served at a specific time but are given the choice to have it served at their leisure. Some of the breakfast options include milk, juice, fresh fruit, either a scrambled egg dish or a breakfast sandwich, sweet rolls or a type of pastry, yogurt, and cereal. The cook accommodates to food allergies or food restrictions if guests let the owner know in advance. In addition to breakfast, the property offers dinner, though patrons are required to let the owner know in advance if they are interested. Guests are given the choice between a steak dinner or a seafood dinner and both come with an appetizer and salad entree. Some alternative options include pizza, burgers, or grilled chicken. Breakfast is typically served in the occupant's room but dinner can be served in the dining room, patio, or guesthouse.

Visitors are given the opportunity to participate in on-site activities without having to leave the property. Paniolo Ranch includes a barn building, which functions as a gym, art studio, and library. The barn is generally the main congregating area for patrons to lounge and socialize in. The gym section of the barn contains a five-man workout station where five people can be doing different weight lifting activities on the same appliance. 

Many tourist towns surround the property in the Texas Hill Country. Judy says that the Texas Hill Country is generally a popular attraction to people in Texas. Several towns such as Comfort, Fredricksburg, and Berney have a fair amount of cafes, restaurants, and shops where visitors can do activities such as antiquing. The property is about two miles from the Guadalupe River, another notable attraction. The owner mentions that San Antonio is a sizeable city and is typically one of the draws that people come for. Additionally, a number of wineries and wine country tours are another appeal to visitors. Sister Creek Winery in Sisterdale is a relatively popular winery. Judy remarks that Fredricksburg is "like the haven of wineries". For those who are hoping to see live entertainment, Luckenbach is also known for its country music, as stated by Judy. River rafting is a prominent attraction within the area as well.

Judy recommends two restaurants to her patrons. The first one is called Black Board Bar B Q, located about two miles from the property. The menu contains various options of BBQ cuisine. The second recommended restaurant from the owner is Hill Billies, which is about four and a half miles away from Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast. This restaurant, in particular, tends to receive several bikers in groups or individuals who ride on the nearby trails. Guests who are in search of dining options may be directed to Berney or Comfort as both cities provide various choices. 


Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast is open year-round with the busiest time being in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, and the slowest time of year being January through February. October tends to be the most active month for the property and for weddings. Many of these weddings help keep the bed and breakfast busy through the slower months. The majority of demographics that visit consist of families and couples, and the property receives people from all around the country. The owner remarks that she believes the property has accommodated a guest from every state in the United States. Paniolo Ranch has received European visitors as well. Some people come because of weddings, while others come to experience the packages, but overall the owner says that a fair amount of people come mainly for pleasure.

Judy, the owner, strives to help her visitors feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay. In an attempt to let guests know that they can come to her if they need anything, she tries to interact with and inform them about the property's amenities and on-site activities as much as she can. One previous patron said "We stayed in the Honu room at the back of the property and it felt like our own little part of the ranch. The owner was very accommodating and quick to respond to our requests." Judy mentions that making herself available to occupants is an important element of running the bed and breakfast as she hopes for guests to ask any questions without hesitation. 

The property additionally hosts events such as family reunions, birthday parties, quinceaneras, or anniversaries. Some guests also come for the elopement packages. Paniolo Ranch's policies allow pets in every room except the bridal suite and there is no appointed quiet hour for the property.
One of Judy's favorite things about owning Paniolo Ranch is the generally simple and easygoing way of running the property. She remarks that as a child she wanted to be a waitress and she feels that she has fulfilled this desire in the sense that she has the opportunity to serve others and help with decorations or cooking for her guests.


Judy Cornell, the owner, first acquired the property in 2002. While the main house had previous owners, Judy was the first owner of the bed and breakfast. The previous owners of the property raised sheep and used the land as a ranch. When Judy took up the property, Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast was first used as a second home for her to get away from the city as she was living in Texas. After a couple of years, she decided to permanently move out of the city and, during this time, her kids would occasionally bring their friends over to stay at the property. She had a neighbor call her one day, asking if she could invite her guests to come and stay at Judy's house since she couldn't provide enough room herself. Judy remarks that this was the day she realized that she had just earned money for something she had been doing for free for her kids' friends since first owning the property. 

Judy never intended to become a bed and breakfast owner but she mentions that she enjoys hosting guests' weddings and seeing happy couples get married. This, in turn, prompted Judy to develop the property's website to further advertise the bed and breakfast aspect. Judy mentions that much of the success of the property is due to the website, which is how the majority of visitors have discovered Paniolo Ranch Bed and Breakfast.

The property has undergone several changes and renovations throughout Judy's time of owning it. The poolhouse, lake, guesthouses, wedding venue, patios, and garden were all added to the property as well as some remodeling of the main house. Before the wedding venue was an available feature, many guests would ask Judy if they could host their weddings at Paniolo Ranch and this gave her the idea to add the wedding venue.

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