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Quincy Feather Bed Inn

Quincy Feather Bed Inn is located in Quincy, California, which is a city near the northern side of the state. Quincy is typically known for being an ideal place for people to spend time doing outdoor recreational activities including fishing, hiking, and more. There are a total of seven units that visitors can reserve, five of which are rooms in the main building, and two of them are stand-alone cottages. The main house was built in 1893 and has been run as an inn since the 1970s. Children, babies, and pets are not allowed on the property to help maintain a level of cleanliness and quietness. Quincy Feather Bed Inn is open year-round and is found near the downtown area, making many restaurants and other places of interest within walking distance. The motto for the inn is "historic hospitality."


The inn currently has seven units available for guests to reserve; two cottages and five rooms. The rooms are located on the second floor of the main building, and each one is uniquely named and decorated. The names are derived from the original owner of the house, Edward Huskinson, and the other members of his family, the names of each living arrangement being Edward's Room, Jennie's Room, Morning Room, Barrett's Room, and Gladys Room. Regardless of which unit a patron reserves, each one comes with access to Wi-Fi, a microwave, refrigerator, television, hairdryer, coffee pot, and bathrobes. One unique aspect of Quincy Feather Bed Inn is that the company is in the process of eliminating single-use bottles of products such as soap and shampoo, to be more environmentally friendly. Alternatively, refillable bottles are used wherever possible. According to the owner, the more popular rooms tend to be Barret's room and Edward’s Room. Why these particular rooms are more commonly rented out may be due to the fact that Barret’s room has a wooden bed and a clawfoot tub inside, and Edward's Room, which is one of the biggest rooms, includes a shower. The owner also mentions that Jennie's room is a personal favorite of hers, explaining that "even though it is the smallest unit in the house, it has a closet tub and a view of the sunrise in the mornings."

The cottages, called Courthouse Cottage and Hideaway Cottage, are located beside the house, and each one can sleep up to three people per reservation. Hideaway Cottage is found behind the inn and is a short distance away from the others, which can help visitors have a natural sense of seclusion and privacy. The Courthouse Cottage is adjacent to the inn and is ADA compliant. The cottages and main building all have private entrances that allow patrons to enter and exit at their leisure. The inn is open year-round, and the owner mentions that the best season of operation "tends to be May through the end of October."

Outside of Quincy Feather Bed, visitors can find a variety of places to eat and things to do, and due to the business's location, many of these places are within walking distance. Shelley, the owner, likes to recommend restaurants to people that are looking to explore the town and find somewhere to eat, often mentioning places like Sweet Lorraine's, Quintopia Brewing Co, and Morning Thunder. The city of Quincy is located in a mountainous area, and there are various opportunities to do outdoor recreational activities. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and more can be done at places like Bucks Lake, Lake Almanor, and Southern River Canyon. Quincy also has a museum that highlights some of the histories of the local area.


The motto for the business is "Historic Hospitality," and Shelley, the current owner of Quincy Feather Bed Inn, would like her guests to feel safe, clean, and well-rested when they stay at the inn. To help provide that kind of atmosphere, she tries to keep the rooms clean and keep noise to a minimum. She also attempts to be available to her patrons whenever possible. Shelley states, "I'm almost always available for them, but I also try to stay out of their way, so I'm not bothering them and taking time away from their vacation."

Shelley interacts with her guests about 20% of the time, explaining, "They can reach me if they want or need anything or have any questions, but they don't have to mingle with me." There have been many visitors to the property since she became the owner, and a number of them have left reviews regarding their stay in Quincy. One person that has stayed in the past writes, "Lovely, family-run inn with hospitable owners. The rooms are decorated with antiques that give you the quaint, small-town feeling. It's located on a property right in the heart of downtown Quincy. There are lots of hiking trails and swimming holes nearby." The typical demographic of visitors that stay at Quincy Feather Bed Inn tends to be couples and people that enjoy spending time outside and doing recreational activities. Aspects of the property that are mentioned among the various reviews include the environment of the inn and the uniqueness of the units.
Due to the nature of what environment the owner would like to create, children and babies are not allowed on the premises to help "maintain a quiet atmosphere on the property." Pets are also prohibited unless they are qualified service animals. People that are hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail and road workers are not allowed to use the services provided by the property. Patrons cannot smoke inside the buildings or on the grounds at any time. Self-check-in is available to those who arrive after the designated time for checking in, which is at 3:00 PM.


Edward Huskinson and his bride, Jenny, had the main house built in the late 1800s and used it as their personal home. He made most of his wealth in mining, in addition to when he worked in the banking industry. Edward was the president of the bank, and he was also a political figure and influencer for the county. In the 1970s, another couple converted it into a bed and breakfast, and at one point, it was student housing for the community college in the town.

The main building of Quincy Feather Bed Inn was initially built in 1893. It wasn't until the 1970s that it began being used as a place for the public to make reservations. At that time, it was more identifiable as a bed and breakfast and slowly transitioned to being an inn. Breakfast used to be served in the mornings, but the previous owners had to remove that amenity. The current owner has been running the Quincy Feather Bed Inn for about five years.
Shelley Hunter, the current owner of Quincy Feather Bed Inn, was led into the industry when she resigned from her previous job as a graphic designer. Shortly afterward, she came across the business for sale on Craigslist and decided to give it a shot. In her own words, "I never dreamed of having a bed and breakfast or an inn; we just happened upon it."

Shelley, the owner, explains that she has not made any significant changes to the buildings or grounds and has only made minor updates to maintain the buildings and grounds. She added a picnic table to one of the outdoor patios and a generator. In the future, Shelley mentions that she does not plan on adding "any large-scale projects or changes, but I am trying to maintain the property to the best of my ability."

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