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Sequoia View Vineyard

Sequoia View Vineyard is located in Sanger, California, near the Sequoia National Park. The business was established in 1998 and purchased by the current owners in the year 2017. A building for guests to stay at while on vacation plus a winery can both be found on the grounds of the establishment. The property is on a total of 20 acres, 8 of which are dedicated to the winery's vineyard, and another portion is used as an orchard. Three suites are available for those looking to stay at the property; two are located in the house on the grounds, and the third is inside the winery. The owners hope that those staying with them can relax and feel disconnected from their day-to-day lives while on their vacation. They strive to provide privacy to all those staying with them by keeping interaction between themselves and their guests to a minimum.


Sequoia View Vineyard has three suites available for those that are staying at the inn. Each of the rooms is named after a type of wine or is associated with the winery. The names of the rooms are Winemakers Suite, Zinfandel Suite, and Alicante Suite. Two of the suites are in the main house, while the third is in the winery itself. The wines that some of the rooms are named after are sold at the winery that is located on the property. Each room has its own private bathroom and showers, as well as snacks, coffee and tea, microwaves, and refrigerators. According to the owner, the most popular suite seems to be the Zinfandel Suite, as it is used mostly for those that have events at the property. He also states that the Alicante Suite is the smallest, being mostly used by those who are traveling, and that the Winemakers Suite is a bit more secluded, offering views of the winery.

An area that guests can visit besides their personal rooms is the winery patio. This patio is available for use by guests to the property every day, giving them the opportunity to spend some time with their friends, family, or other guests. The property itself sits on 20 acres, 8 of them being for the vineyard, and then much of it is being used for their orchard. Guests are free to walk around the 20 acres and explore the area if they would like to. There is a fruit trail that is advertised to visitors around the time of year that the plants are blossoming and other paths that can be used for those wanting to venture outside.


The current owners of the Sequoia View Vineyard want their guests to relax and feel disconnected from their busy lives. The owners and their staff strive to provide privacy to all those that stay with them by leaving them mostly to themselves, and helping them when needed. The property's current owner says that he leaves interaction between him and the guests to a minimum in hopes of letting them enjoy their trip with the privacy they would like.

On Fridays, if the weather permits, the owners like to offer light music with some food to those staying with them. According to the owner, there are other music events that happen "[sporadically] throughout the year" as well. When the taste rooms to the winery open, there are occasional complimentary wine tastings that can occur for patrons of the property. During the weekends, they try to have wine tasting available for their guests and to let them know that the wine patio is open to them alone during this time.

The owner says that they hear a fair amount of guests say that the property has some nice views and that their rooms are very comfortable. Some reviews that guests have left about the property include comments that reflect these observations. One guest mentioned, "The winery was beautiful, and we absolutely enjoyed relaxing at the vineyard and enjoying that amazing view. The hosts were super genuine and loved having us as guests." Another guest said similarly, writing, "We stayed at the Alicante suite, which is really spacious and comfortable. Debbie was very hospitable and very informative about the national parks. The breakfast was good and very fresh. "

Sequoia View Vineyard is open every month of the year. According to the owner, the busiest time for the business seems to be from the Spring to the Fall months due to weddings in the area and for those that are visiting friends and family members. A couple of important policies that are included at Sequoia View Vineyards are that no pets are allowed at the property, and smoking is prohibited inside the building or on the grounds. Overall though, the owner asks that guests "enjoy [themselves and] have a little bit of wine."

The area in which the property is located can have many things to offer for those looking for places to eat or for things to do. One place that people often visit while staying at Sequoia View Vineyard is the Sequoia National Park, which is about a 45-minute drive away from the property. Other things visitors tend to do in Sanger, California, are hiking, walking around the orchards, bird watching, or fishing in the King River. The owner of the property suggests that guests visit Blossom Trail Diner if they are looking for a place to eat and also mentions that there are a few cafes in the downtown area that he enjoys.


The original owners of Sequoia View Vineyard established it in 1998 and then retired, selling the property to the current owner and his wife in the year 2017. Before the property was considered to be a bed and breakfast, it was a winery/wine grape farm. Since the current owners have taken over the business, they have made changes mainly involving "maintenance and [cosmetics]." There were updates made with the intention of making the business more family-friendly, and they continue to make whatever renovations they feel they may need to keep the property up to date.

The house that has been on the property for many years was divided into two suites with separate bathrooms: the Zinfandel Suite and Alicante Suite. The third suite is located in the winery and is called the Winemaker Suite.

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United States


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