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Tahoma Meadows

Tahoma Meadows is located on the mountainside near Lake Tahoe in California. The property receives several feet of snow every year and is close to many snowshoeing and skiing paths in the area. There are sixteen cottages available for rent at Tahoma Meadows. A handful of them are attached cottages with just a single bed, while some others are studio-style cottages with a small kitchen. All of the cottages have private entrances and bathrooms. The larger cottages can sleep up to six people with large living spaces. Family-style breakfasts are served daily at the main lodge. Tahoma Meadows is open year-round with an increase of guests during the summer and winter months.


The Tahoma Meadows Cottages are located in the small mountain town of Tahoma, California. The property is on just over one acre of forested land just beyond Lake Tahoe. Sixteen cottages are available for rent at Tahoma Meadows. Each cottage is styled differently with bold color palettes, wood accents, and rustic décor. All of the cottages at Tahoma Meadows have private entrances and private bathrooms. A handful of the cottages are joined together, so there are two rooms to a building. Each one is soundproofed and has its own air conditioning and heating system, so guests may not even know the other side of the cottage is occupied.

The smaller cottages can sleep up to two people with a bathroom and a small sitting area. Every one of the cottages at Tahoma Meadows are pet-friendly. The larger two-story cottages can sleep up to six guests with a dining area, full kitchen, and living room. These cottages can be ideal for larger groups and can be rented in conjunction with any of the nearby studio cottages for extra lodging space. Tahoma Meadows is located on the mountainside and the owner reports that the region can receive around 450 inches of snow every year. The fireplaces and heating systems in each cabin are ideal for keeping guest's cottages comfortable in the cold weather. Sugar Pine is the largest of the cottages and one of Dick, the owner's, personal favorites. The Mountain Hideaway is the most frequently reserved of the small cabins.

Dick White and his wife Ulli live in the main lodge where the check-in office, a small gift shop, as well as a large dining area and common space, are also located. A complete, family-style breakfast is served daily in the main lodge or common area from 8 to 10 AM. The breakfast time can bring guests together to mingle with each other, get to know their host's better, and get updates on the weather. Every morning is different at Tahoma Meadows; some breakfast dishes include Dutch babies, waffles, fruit, and egg dishes. An abundance of juice and coffee are available all day in the main lodge. Tahoma Meadows is open year-round and receives a fairly steady flow of visitors. During the summer the property experiences its peak season as they are close to the lake and many outdoor trails in the area. The winter season is popular for its winter sports such as snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing.


Dick and Ulli White spent the majority of their careers and life in the lodging industry. Because of this, they have developed the strong skillset necessary in providing adequate hospitality and implementing essential policies throughout their bed and breakfast. Through trial and error, the couple has discovered what and how they want their bed and breakfast to feel and function. Dick says, "We want every guest to feel like they are part of a family and the community when they spend time at Tahoma Meadows." Most who visit Tahoma Meadows come from nearby cities and urban areas; many are looking for a retreat into the mountains away from their busy lifestyles.

Dick and Ulli make a constant effort to connect with their guests. The couple has lived in the area since 1995 and have done just about every activity and have visited almost every restaurant in the area. They are happy to make suggestions on where to eat and what activities to do during specific times of the year. Weather conditions in the area can change often; Dick makes sure to have updated reports of the weather and only recommends activities that guests will be safe doing during that time.

Every year over forty percent of the guests at Tahoma Meadows are return members. Some couples, families, and individuals have been staying at Tahoma Meadows for over twenty years. Many guests will return from two to four times a year. A guest at Tahoma Meadows left this review, "Great place and service. The cottage we stayed at was nice and very clean. The breakfast was delicious, and the manager is very helpful. She gave us a lot of information on things to do and where to eat."

Each of the cottages at the bed and breakfast vary in size. They can sleep small families, couples, single visitors, and larger groups. Pets are welcome at Tahoma Meadows. The easy-to-follow policies can be a significant draw to the property as the area is more rural, so there is rarely any traffic or noise issues. The private entrances to each cottage make it relatively convenient for guests to check-in and out. Most of the residents in the area are retired or own the local stores and restaurants in the town. Tahoma, California, has a population of just over 900 residents.


Tahoma Meadows is comprised of cottages from two separate bed and breakfasts. Half of the cottages are original to the property, but the other half were moved from the Homewood Lodge prior to the 1960 Olympics at Squaw Valley. For many years, the cottages were used as worker and press housing for cross-country ski events held in Sugar Pine State Park. Ulli and Dick are the original owners of the Tahoma Meadows Bed and Breakfast. They moved to the area in 1995 and have lived there full time since then. Dick grew up working at his family's summer resort, then continued his career in hospitality into his adult years with a degree in math and computer science.

Ulli graduated from the Steinberger Hotel School near Munich, Germany. She worked for many high-end hotels in Germany for years before moving to the United States. The couple has spent the last twenty years building, remodeling, and improving Tahoma Meadows. Each are outdoors people and have done mostly all of the activities in the area. They intend to continue improving their property by adding a larger store and renovating cabins.

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