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The Desmond House

Currently under the ownership of Greg Reimann, the Desmond House offers two accommodations that are open year-round for patrons to occupy: The Brooks Room and The Desmond Room. Both accommodations were named after historical figures who played a role in the establishment's genesis, as the home was built by Thomas Desmond, and the rooms contain antique furniture that was constructed by Thomas Brooks—a nineteenth-century cabinetmaker. Greg considers the many antiques that decorate the home to be one of the most unique characteristics of the business, and several guests have commented on these vintage items in reviews. Another particularly notable element of the property is its location near the Sacramento River. Greg encourages visitors to go fishing in the river or explore the shops and restaurants that can be found in downtown Redding.


Situated in the city of Redding, the Desmond House is located in northern California, just off the Sacramento River. The owner of the business, Greg Reimann, characterizes the establishment as Victorian, describing its interior as "eclectic, almost like an antique museum." As such, a collection of antiques and vintage objects are arranged throughout the home, namely a 27-foot 1950s rowing skull and three sizable binoculars, among other collectibles. Greg mentions that these binoculars can be used for bird watching, and he says that one of them came from a Russian battleship. Other objects have their origins in scientific laboratories. In accordance with the Victorian theme, the home's interior walls are painted a pastel green shade, and the lighting throughout the building emanates warmer colors.

The Desmond House offers two accommodations for visitors to occupy. Guests are also given the option to rent both rooms at the same time, which comes with access to the whole house. One of these rooms includes a tub and shower combination, while the other solely has a shower. Both, however, come with towels and other standard toiletries. Everyone is given access to WiFi during their time at the home as well.

Greg remarks that "the whole house and the yard are [his] artistic expression." The grounds of the property have several unique features, such as a gazebo, a statuary bird bath, a bamboo forest, sitting areas, fire pits, and a garden.  He also notes that several glass items adorn the premises. Greg sees the garden as "a healing oasis," and he says that multiple visitors have made positive comments about the garden. The sitting area is found adjacent to the bamboo forest, and a table is provided at the center of the outdoor couches, among other greenery and pots of plants. 

The property is located in the historic area of Redding, and Greg also notes that it can be found in a relatively wooded area, overlooking the Sacramento River from the front. Moreover, there are two parks across the river that people can visit over the course of their stay. Greg takes pride in the Desmond House's location in the historic downtown district of Redding, and he encourages patrons to explore this part of the city, as a number of wine-tasting bars can be found within walking distance. Four microbreweries are located in the vicinity as well. One of northern California's major attractions, the Sundial Bridge, can also be found about one-fourth of a mile from the Desmond House. According to the official website of the Desmond House, the Sundial Bridge "connects the nationally-designated trail system in Redding, California, with the Turtle Bay Exploration Park and McConnell Arboretum." For those who enjoy outdoor recreation, the neighboring Sacramento River offers opportunities for fishing, as Greg says that the river is inhabited by salmon and trout. Beyond the wide range of activities that are found in Redding, the city also has a number of restaurants. Greg recommends his patrons visit Karline's Restaurant & Bar, Moonstone Bistro, and Cafe Paradisio.


Greg Reimann, the owner of the Desmond House, "hope[s] that [guests'] expectations and experiences are a good one." With the goal of helping everyone feel relaxed, Greg intends to keep himself available should anyone have questions or concerns during their stay. In the past, the innkeeper has hosted wine tastings in an effort to foster a social community atmosphere at the Desmond House. Notably, the property has also served as the setting for music videos of three different bands.

Furthermore, Greg hopes that people will be intrigued by the assortment of antiques and peculiar items that are found at the establishment. One former patron commented on this aspect of the home in a review, saying, "The house was amazing, decorated with nautical antiques which were incredibly interesting." Another individual who stayed at the Desmond House mentioned the provided amenities and the outdoor characteristics in the following review: "Greg, the innkeeper, was fantastic, responsive, and kind. The house was beautifully appointed with antiques, the room was spacious, and the bed and linens were comfortable. The outdoor area is lovely and oasis-like."

The Desmond House operates year-round for visitors to reserve one of the two rooms. Greg notices that the summer season, as well as when school starts, tends to be the busiest time of operation for the business. He reports that the main demographic of those who stay at the home are older individuals. On account of the high quantity of antiques that are placed throughout the building, the Desmond House is not a child-friendly or pet-friendly establishment. It should also be noted that smoking is only permitted outside of the house. 


The Desmond House bears historical significance, as it dates back to 1905, when the house was first built by Thomas Desmond. Greg named the house after Thomas Desmond, who also opened "the first feed store in town during the Gold Rush," according to the innkeeper. Greg Reimann, the owner of the property, says that he is the third person to live in the home and the fourth person to own it over the last century. After selling beer, wine, and liquor for a period of time, Greg decided to change careers, and he was led to purchase the Desmond House. "Restoring this house felt like a restoration in myself," he expresses. Greg further remarks, "It has been fun offering rooms for people to rent."

Some of the furniture that is found in the Desmond House was constructed by a Brooklyn cabinetmaker by the name of Thomas Brooks. Throughout the mid-nineteenth century, Thomas contributed his work to the New York Market, selling his Victorian Renaissance revival furniture for a considerable amount of money. Bookcases, bedroom sets, cabinets, and tables are some of the items that he sold. According to the Desmond House website, "many of his pieces are on display at the Brooklyn Museum." The bed that is located inside the Brooks Room was made by Thomas Brooks himself, dating back to circa the 1860s. 

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