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The Enchanted Manor

The Enchanted Manor

The Enchanted Manor, found near Universal Studios, Hollywood, and Disneyland, was originally built in 1947 as a family home. It was then bought by the current owner, Georgia Durante, in 1983. The manor includes a full kitchen, living room, Breakfast Room, and land living room. When there are more than two people reserving the unit, the Great Room and the Secret Room can be opened. On the grounds, there are a number of attractions and activities for those staying at the manor, namely a saltwater pool with three waterfalls, two barbeque areas, a playhouse, a fire pit, a private outside seating area with a fireplace, a gazebo bar, and a large artificial tree with 1,500 lights. Weddings, reunions, and birthday parties are some of the common events that can take place at the establishment. Georgia says the motto for The Enchanted Manor is "They come as strangers, and leave as friends."


The Enchanted Manor is located in Valley Village, California, four miles from Hollywood. The property has one unit available to reserve that contains several rooms. Georgia Durante, the owner of the business, explains that when guests stay at the Enchanted Manor, "half of the 5000 square foot house" and the entire grounds are included in the rental. According to Georgia, when two people reserve, they are given access to the Main Unit, which has a fully equipped kitchen, Breakfast Room, living room with a fireplace, queen size Murphy bed, and a private bathroom. The relatively brightly lit Breakfast Room, surrounded by French windows and skylights, has a view of the pool and backyard. For an extra $100 per night, the Great Room and the Secret Room can be opened for those who have kids and need additional space. The Great Room is a relatively large living room with a fireplace and a bookcase that opens to the Secret Room. The occupants can climb a ladder and reach a loft area with four twin-size beds. The French doors in the Great Room look out to the 3-level redwood deck, fire pit, gazebo bar, and playhouse.

The establishment sits on about half an acre of land. The "tiki-style" thatch roof gazebo bar, barbeque grill, and fire pit area are particularly notable features that are found on the premises. There is also a saltwater pool with three waterfalls that guests can enjoy. Barbeque amenities are available for patrons on a patio as well. Another feature in the backyard is a playhouse that is an exact replica of The Enchanted Manor. Georgia explains that many people have described the backyard to be "similar to Disneyland." Furthermore, this part of the acreage displays what Georgia believes to be a very unique addition to the property, which is an artificial tree that is 20 feet wide and 17 feet tall, draped in 1,500 small lights. 

The manor is located along a tree-lined cul-de-sac street that Georgia describes as "very quiet."  Georgia explains that she does not have many neighbors because of the Los Angeles River that runs behind the property. She mentions that there are a number of attractions in the vicinity that people frequently visit, especially Disneyland, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. Concerning the restaurants that can be found in fairly close proximity to the establishment, Georgia recommends that people visit Larsen's Steakhouse. She remarks that there is a diverse range of restaurants located near The Enchanted Manor on Ventura Boulevard, and she explains that, upon arrival, patrons are provided with discount cards to the local grocery stores. 


The Enchanted Manor's motto is "They come as strangers, leave as friends." Georgia, the owner, explains that she attempts to provide a "warm, comfortable atmosphere" for the guests by interacting with them and helping them with whatever needs they might have. Upon arrival, Georgia provides a bottle of wine and a copy of her book, “The Company She Keeps,” which has been optioned by Sony Pictures for a series on one of the cable networks. Georgia gives the guests her cell number and helps them with any questions or concerns they might have, she remarks. Georgia mentions that the manor is "perfect for families" mainly because of the Secret Room and the playhouse. "Children love the playhouse and the waterfalls in the jacuzzi," she observes.

The Enchanted Manor offers space for people to hold events on the property for up to 100 people in terms of seating. Some events that can take place include weddings, reunions, graduation parties, baby showers, and corporate parties, among other gatherings. One guest commented on their stay at The Enchanted Manor, saying, "Georgia was very professional and gave a timely response regarding pricing policies and venue rules, so I didn’t have to worry about bringing a party of 50 people. The venue itself is a rare find for LA since it has a decorative backyard, fire pit, kids' playhouse, tiki bar with a kitchen, and a guesthouse all in one place."

The manor has a few specific event policies that they ask hosts and guests to follow. DJs or bands are not allowed; however, Georgia explains that she has an "excellent sound system and microphone." All events have a maximum time limit of five hours and must finish at 10:00 p.m. Georgia also explains that the events should typically provide their own alcohol and catering service. A couple of other guidelines that should be noted are that smoking is only permitted outside, and pets are welcome to accompany guests at the property, though an additional fee is required.


The establishment was originally built in 1947 and was bought by Georgia Durante in 1983. Georgia explains that she has been remodeling the property ever since she purchased it. The house was originally 2,800 square feet and is now closer to 5,000 square feet. She mentions she "totally transformed the backyard" with boulders and rockwork. Georgia made other changes, including an outside fireplace, expanding the pool, and adding a 20-foot by 17-foot artificial tree wrapped in lights. 

Georgia used to be a stunt driver for 25 years before she got into the hospitality business. After a stunt that went wrong, she was forced to retire. She adopted a 10-day-old girl and built the playhouse for her. Because the playhouse is an exact replica of the main house, it ended up costing $60,000. Georgia began doing events to pay for the playhouse. It then blossomed into a business. She mentions that she loves being around happy people and getting to know those from different cultures and backgrounds. 

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