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The Front Street Inn

The Front Street Inn is located in Morro Bay, California, and has been in operation since the early 2000s when the owners built the edifice. There is a bakery, surf shop, a spa, and three units available for reservation within the building. The rooms and spa are located on the second floor, with the rest of the businesses being located on the bottom floor. All three units have beachfront views; the property is also just a short walk to the beach. Popular attractions in the area include said beach, as well as wine tasting, shopping, whale watching, and hiking. The establishment is open year-round, with the busiest season being during the spring and warmer months, and a slower season during the winter season. Pets and smoking are not permitted on the property in hopes to keep the rooms clean and odor-free.


The Front Street Inn is located in Morro Bay, California, in a two-story building commonly identified by its green roof and three gables. The bottom floor is where a bakery is located, which allows guests to purchase breakfast if they would like. A surf shop is also located on the ground level, where visitors can rent equipment for the water. Upstairs is where the spa is located across from the hotel rooms and a hydro-massage table in the lobby. The spa is an extra fee to patrons; the owner also encourages them to book the spa services before arriving at the establishment. Spa services include custom facials, microdermabrasion, and individual massages. There are a total of three units available for reservations; The Travelers Studio is an apartment-style with a full kitchen, while the Big Sur and Hideaway rooms are hotel-style and are smaller with a kitchenette. The two hotel rooms are very similar to each other, with the same amenities, including a gas fireplace, a king-size bed, cable TV, and coffee.

Two beaches are within walking distance of the property; one frequently has waves while the other rarely does. The close proximity to the beach provides views of the ocean from the inn’s premises, with each unit having a view of the beachfront. The outside of the property is comprised of parking, with the building taking up the rest of the space on the premises.

The property was built by one of the owners, who was a general contractor. Lots of the decorations and woodwork are accredited to his years in the profession and are still inside of the inn in hopes to provide a rustic atmosphere. Woodworking done by the owner includes the beds, cabinets, ceiling beams, and brass lamps.


The staff of The Front Street Inn says that visitors have been found to enjoy the views, beds in the units, and the relaxing atmosphere that is said to be at the inn. One guest said, “The property is custom-built, quaint, and private with vaulted ceilings and panoramic windows with Morro Rock and the bay in full view.” According to the owner, patrons have also told her how they enjoyed the fragrance they would smell coming from the bakery.

The owner also is open to recommending attractions in the surrounding area to patrons. Such attractions include visiting the Hearst Castle, the beach, going wine tasting, whale watching, kayaking, visiting shops in town, and hiking trails in Black Hill and Montana De Oro, which is a state park. Restaurants in the area include the Great American Fish Company, Dutchman’s Seafood House, Windows On the Water, and House Of JuJu By the Bay. Patterns in reviews that guests leave about The Front Street Inn relate to the location of the property and its relative closeness to the surrounding activities and attractions in the area. One particular visitor to the inn remarked, “The king-size beds are comfy, clean, and a ceiling fan kept it nice and cool. We had a clear view of Morro Bay Rock. Everything was in walking distance, including the beach, shops, and food.”

Those who come to the property are often middle-aged people, but as of recently, the inn has seen an influx in younger and older age groups coming to stay on the property. During the summer is when there tends to be a wide variety in the demographics of patrons to visit the property. Depending on the time of year, the establishment has been known to receive repeat guests at the inn. The Front Street Inn is open year-round, with the majority of visitors coming during the spring because of the relatively warmer weather. However, there is still a decent number of patrons who come during the fall, while December and January are the slower months of the year for the business.

Policies at the inn include no smoking and no pets on the property to preserve the cleanliness of the edifice. When reserving a hotel room, there is a two-night minimum, while the apartment-style unit has a three-night minimum. 


The Front Street Inn was designed and built by the owners, one of which was a general contractor who specialized in remodeling homes for over 30 years. His expertise in the industry led to the ability to use older wood and add to the style of the building with the restored wood he used, which his wife says is one of the unique aspects of the inn. The construction of the edifice started in the 2000s, with the bakery being the first thing to be added to the building in 2004. The upstairs area was originally planned to be a restaurant, but was changed by the owners to a place of lodging instead.

The owners don’t have any future plans for the property since the business has been running how they have wanted it to be since opening in the 2000s. According to the owners, the success of the inn has in large part been attributed to the other services offered in the building, including the bakery, spa, and surf shop.

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