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Tucker Peak Lodge

The Tucker Peak Lodge is an inn with six rooms located in the mountainous hills of Julian, California, east of San Diego. The town of Julian has been around since the 1870s and is best known for its locally grown apple, used for making pies and ciders. The Tucker Peak Lodge aims to help guests feel relaxed and get away from the city. The owners strive to create an atmosphere that is different from chain hotels in as many ways as possible. The air of relaxation and serenity are some of the features of the property that are most commonly mentioned in guest reviews. The lodge is open year-round with an increase of guests during the spring and fall. This increase is due to the many people participating in the Pacific Crest Trail or visiting for apple harvesting season.  


Tucker Peak Lodge is located in the hills of Julian, California. It consists of one building and has six guest accommodations. Two of these rooms are isolated from the rest of the building to give those guests additional privacy. Visitors do have the option to rent the entire lodge instead of select rooms if they so choose. The property sits on roughly five acres of steep mountainous terrain—a vastly different environment from the hustle and bustle of San Diego just over an hour's drive away.   

The exterior of the Tucker Peak Lodge is decorated with brown, wooden side paneling to give it a rustic, cabin-style look. Moving to the interior of the property, Jamal, the manager, explains how it is designed and decorated to match the cabin-style feeling as well as the surrounding area. A large living room called the Grand Room dominates the central floor of the building. It has three couches and a large wood-burning fireplace that is free to use at guests' leisure. The lodge was designed with a very rustic feel to accentuate the goal of relaxation for the guests.

The Tucker Peak Lodge is a no-smoking property. They also have quiet hours from 10 PM to 8 AM. Guests should note there are seven spaces for parking that are marked on the driveway. The property is also open to pets, limited to two per room. The three outside rooms are the pet-friendly accommodations on the premises, and owners are required to leash their animals whenever they are inside.

The Tucker Peak Lodge is tucked away from the city in the mountains and forests of the Pine Hills. Tenets of the property have noted they feel very isolated and away from the world during their stay. Due to the isolated location away from light pollution and urban environments, it is much easier to stargaze and enjoy the mountainous topography in the area. Snow even falls during the winter months, a rare occasion in southern California.

Because San Diego is so close, there are many activities available to those who stay at the Tucker Peak Lodge. Additionally, guests will find there is a variety of local attractions and restaurants nearby. Jeremy's on The Hill is one of the most popular restaurants in town. Patrons of the restaurant can enjoy a variety of fresh and local dishes. Their specialties include seafood, steaks, burgers, and salads.


The Tucker Peak Lodge is close to San Diego, within an hour's drive. However, in contrast with the bustling metropolis, the area surrounding the lodge is known for its quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The Tucker Peak Lodge is tucked away in the Pine Hills of Julian, California. According to Jamal, the manager, he and his staff have a goal to help their guests feel completely relaxed. The names of the accommodations at the lodge were curated with this goal in mind. The rooms are called: Simplicity, Serenity, Tranquility, Harmony, Rosewood, and Mountain View.

Julian, California, is a town that considers its culture a core part of daily life. The annual Apple Days occurs during September and October each year and is one of the primary ways the town celebrates and shares its culture. During this season, the apple orchards in the local area begin harvesting their apples. With the influx of fruit, many restaurants and businesses use them to make unique dishes, desserts, and beverages to celebrate with other patrons of Julian. Mom's Pie House is one of the most popular restaurants in town and one of those who participate in Apple Days. There is often an hour wait to get into the restaurant during the festive season.
One of the most common reasons people visit the Tucker Peak Lodge is because they are traveling on the Pacific Crest Trail—a hiking path that leads from the United State's southern border at the base of California, all the way up through Oregon and Washington State to the Canadian border. Hundreds of people travel to southern California to hike the path in March and April, the only time of year the weather allows the hike to be completed without extreme heat or cold. One of the first places to stop during this hike is in Julian, California, as the city is located only 70 miles from the trail's starting point and lies along its winding path. Many people want a place to stop and relax after getting their first taste of the extremely difficult hike. The Tucker Peak Lodge works to accommodate these desires, and it is one of the reasons the Tucker Peak Lodge is known for its relaxing atmosphere.

Many of the guests who stay at the property have commented on the amenities that are available on-site, as well as the views that can be seen from multiple sides of the building. One specific guest to the property said, "We stayed in the rosewood room for the weekend. The room is small and cozy with a fireplace, perfect for a couple. The bed and the linens were clean and comfortable."


Extensive renovations have been made at the Tucker Peak Lodge during the last five years. New flooring has been installed throughout the entire building, along with all new bedding. The majority of the furniture has been replaced as well. Further renovations are in the works, including cutting into the mountainside to widen the road area for additional parking. The owners are looking into possibly putting in an outdoor hot tub as well. 

Julian is a historic mining town located in the Pine Hills of the Cuyamaca Mountains near San Diego. It was founded during the 1870s as a result of the California Gold Rush. The town has evolved from being nothing more than a mining settlement to a mountain retreat away from the bustling nature of San Diego and other metropolitan areas. Julian is also very famous for the apples, apple pies, cider, and other apple products they make, in addition to being a historic center for mining gold.

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