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The Corvallis Region goes along the North Pacific Ocean and north past Pacific City and McMinnville. The south border goes past Scottsburg and Reedsport. On the east side of the border, cities such as Lebanon, Halsey, and Monroe are within the border. Inside the destination are the cities of Corvallis and Salem, along with the Siuslaw National Forest. The area has many forests and mountains, along with beaches and sand dunes. Average weather in the region is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. During the winter months, the temperature is usually in the mid-forties. It often rains in the colder seasons and is more humid than in the summer.[6]Animals in the area include Columbian white-tailed deer, ringtails, burrowing owls, sea otters, gray foxes, black bears, gray wolves, and cougars.[7] Some activities to participate in the area are art museums, the Willamette River Water Trail, and the Avery Helm Historic District Walking Tour.[3] Some more attractions include the Riverfront City Park, Oregon State Capitol, the Enchanted Forest, and the Gilbert House Children's Museum.[4] Because of the mountains and sand dunes, there are a number of trails that people can go hiking on.

What Corvallis is known for

Corvallis Region is home to Corvallis and Salem, which are both cities in the area. Activities to do inside of Corvallis are the Willamette River Water Trail, the Azure Fine Art Gallary, the Art in the Valley Gallery, and the Avery Helm Historic District Walking Tour. During the Willamette River Water Trail, people take small canoes and ride them down the river. While going down the river, there are many sights, including things like forests, meadows, cities, and farms. It is also possible for people participating in the trail to see wildlife in the forests and meadows as they go along. 

The Azure Fine Art Gallary and Art in the Valley Gallery are both places where people can go and view artwork of various artists and painters. Most of the artwork comes from different time periods and from various distinct places. The Avery Helm Historic District is one of many historic districts in Corvallis. Other historical buildings can be found and toured throughout the city.[3] In Salem, there are many attractions such as the Riverfront City Park, Oregon State Capitol, the Enchanted Forest, and the Gilbert House Children's Museum. The Riverfront City Park is home to Salem's Riverfront Carousel. The park also has hiking trails, playgrounds, boat docks, and a view of the Willamette River. 

The Oregon State Capitol is a popular place for people to see. The building is made out of marble. On the top of the building is a statue of a pioneer. In front of the building are carvings of men with horses. There are also trees around the historic building. The Enchanted Forest is a theme park where families can go. The park has rides and explorable attractions that kids and adults can enjoy. The Gilbert House Children's Museum can be a good place for parents to take their children. The museum has various activities that children can participate in. There are also special events that the museum holds, such as Summer Block Parties, classes and workshops, and Science Night for Adults.[4] 

The Siuslaw National Forest is another activity that people can participate in. The forest consists of multiple hikes and trails. Some of these trails go through the forest, while others go down by the sea. Also included in the park are sand dunes that people can explore.[5]In Corvallis, a lot of the jobs involve retail trade. Other jobs in the area include things in manufacturing, construction, and finances. Corvallis depends on its locals and members to have jobs and to keep them functioning. Because of the more hills and mountains, Corvallis focuses less on agriculture and farming and more on trading and selling.[9]


The Corvallis Region is located in Oregon. It goes along the North Pacific Ocean, up past Pacific City and McMinnville, then down to Scottsburg and Reedsport. Cities included in the region on the east side are Lebanon, Halsey, and Monroe. One of the notable geographic features within the destination is the Siuslaw National Forest. Additionally, from Corvallis mountains can be seen. In general, the area has hills and is surrounded by mountains. It also has some beaches and forests. The region has many trees in it. A part of the destination is also comprised of sand dunes, which houses many animals. Some of the animals in the area include ringtails, pacific fishers, chum salmon, Columbian white-tailed deer, burrowing owls, gray foxes, and sea otters. In the forests, animals such as black bears, gray wolves, and cougars can be found. 

While the destination does not have many water sources, it is close to the ocean, which is home to many different types of fish and animals. The region also has sand dunes, which consist of hills of sand. Within the area is the Siuslaw National Forest, which houses many animals and environments[7]. The general weather of the destination is an average of 70 degrees Fahrenheit from July to October. During the colder months, such as November, December, and January, the temperature usually drops to the mid-forties. The chance of rain is higher from December to March and lower during the spring and summer. While it does snow occasionally, the snow almost never sticks to the ground. Humidity is often high during the colder months and lowers during the summer months when there is hardly any rain. The best time to visit Corvallis based off of weather conditions is from mid-May to the end of September.[6]


The first home in Corvallis City was built in 1846 for a man named Joseph C. Avery. However, he wasn't the only one who settled on the land that is Corvallis City today. Many settlers came and built homes in the area. When gold was discovered in California in 1848, the number of people moving to the area declined drastically. Later, in 1849 Joseph Avery opened a store. He was the person who named the town Marysville. Years later a meeting was held to change the name of the town to either "Thurston" or "Valena." Instead, it was decided that the city would be named Corvallis, a name that had been positioned to be the new name of Salem.[1] 

Over the years that followed, the population of the city grew to what it is today, which is around 58,028 people.[8] Salem was first inhabited by Native Americans. Then, in 1812, European settlers came to the area. The settlers and the Native Americans both used their surroundings for hunting, fishing, and catching to provide for themselves. The first American settlement that was permanent was the Jason Lee Methodist mission, which happened in 1840. The missionaries established the Oregon Institute in 1842 in the area that would later become Salem. In 1844 the mission was stopped, and the townsite was established. Salem became the capital of the territory in 1851 and was officially made the state capital in 1857.[2]

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The Tuscan Estate Inn is located near Portland, Oregon, along the west coast of wine country. Popular times to visit the area are often between May to September. There are six units, four in the main home with two in a small cottage outback. There are several areas where guests may gather, drink wine, and play games as they desire. Erin, the property innkeeper, has been in the hospitality industry for several years. She and the staff enjoy talking with guests and getting to know them better. They strive to give guests an elevated experience and help them learn about the 770 different wineries in the area. The home was initially built in 1928 and was once a doctor's office and residential home. In the early 2000's it was converted into a bed and breakfast and has been serving guests ever since.

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The current owners of the Newport Belle Bed and Breakfast have been operating the business since 2020, offering five available rooms. One aspect of the property that is unique from a typical bed and breakfast is that the establishment is a 97-foot paddlewheel boat that permanently resides in Newport, Oregon. Visitors are given the option each morning to order breakfast during their stay. The breakfast menu rotates daily, but some of the options that can be expected include avocado toast, coffee cake, and eggs benedict. Several restaurants and shops encompass the general surroundings of the Newport Belle, which tend to draw a number of tourists. A fair amount of visitors also come to the area to engage in fishing, as several commercial fishing boats can be found in close proximity to the bed and breakfast, according to Paige, one of the owners.

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Heceta Lighthouse B&B

Yachats, Oregon

Heceta Lighthouse B&B

The Heceta Lighthouse B&B is currently owned by Michelle Korgan, featuring six units that guests can reserve. Antiques, historic photos, and lightkeeper artifacts decorate the interior of the bed and breakfast. Misty, the general manager, says that the establishment has the atmosphere of a "lightkeeper's cottage." This particular aspect of the inn is presumably due to the historical significance of the property as it served as the actual home for the lightkeepers. One of the most unique aspects of the property is the lighthouse that neighbors the bed and breakfast. Patrons are given access to visit and observe the lighthouse throughout the day, as well as after dark. Another notable feature of the establishment is the seven-course breakfast that is served family-style each morning to those who are staying at the inn. Some of the offered courses include an egg course, meat course, seafood course, and dessert, to name a few.

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Leaping Lamb Farm Stay

Alsea, Oregon

Leaping Lamb Farm Stay

The Leaping Lamb Farm Stay is located in Alsea, Oregon, an hour east of the Oregon coast and thirty minutes southwest of Corvallis, Oregon. It has 68 acres of land that guests can roam, with a creek that they can swim in as well. There are two possible places to stay on the property: the farmhouse and the cottage. As part of their stay, guests have the opportunity to help with everyday chores on the farm, such as feeding the animals or collecting eggs but they are not required to. They can also interact with the animals outside of the chores. Visitors of the farm are given the supplies needed to make their breakfasts. A quarter-acre of land with a garden is available for guests to “graze” and pick whatever they please for their meals. There is also fruit grown on the property that guests can use as well. 

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Amity Flats is located in the small town of Amity, Oregon. Placed on the top floor of a three-story historic building and having been created in 1905, there are five full rooms with kitchens and full bathrooms available for guests to reserve at the establishment. Complimentary wine, chocolates, and coupons are offered to every guest who visits the property. Bob and Barb, the owners of the Amity Flats, have their own vineyard in Amity and have the goal of bringing their guests a high-end experience in the small town. The building is surrounded by over twenty-five high-end wineries and an aquatics center.

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Currently under the ownership of James Loftus, the Gardner House Bed and Breakfast occupies land in Stayton, Oregon. The bed and breakfast is open year-round for visitors to reserve the guestroom, which contains a queen bed, a TV, and a full kitchen. A complimentary breakfast is offered to everyone staying at the establishment, and patrons can also visit the property's café for lunch and high tea. Furthermore, the Gardner House Bed and Breakfast has a museum that showcases a collection of astronomical artifacts, as the owner's father is a former NASA employee who served at NASA's Johnson Space Center for 45 years. Patrons can also explore the encompassing town of Stayton and the nearby Santiam River.

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Gahr Farm

McMinnville, Oregon
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McMinnville, Oregon, is home to the Gahr Farm, which offers two cottages: Willow Cottage and Harry's Cottage. Willow Cottage, built in 2008, features a modern single-floor design near wetlands, while Harry's Cottage is designed for a more traditional feel with its standard roof and porches. Both cottages include full kitchens and laundry facilities. The property spans 350 acres, with 310 acres dedicated to wildlife conservation. Some activities available on the premises are hiking, birdwatching, photography, and stargazing. Visitors can also visit the on-site garden and interact with goats and chickens. The Gahr family, the current owners, try to focus on providing a peaceful and secure atmosphere. They prioritize cleanliness and aim to respect guests' privacy. Policies include the prohibition of pets, smoking, or parties. The Gahr Farm operates year-round, with peak months in July and August. The farm has a fairly large demographic, from couples, families, and repeat visitors.

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