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Kansas City
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The Overland Park Region sits between Kansas and Missouri. Overland Park is located within the region and is the second most populated city in Kansas.[2] The region includes Kansas City, which is the third-largest city in Kansas.[3] Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, and Warrensburg are a few of the region's cities. Kansas City Zoo, the Union Station, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum are a few highly visited attractions located within the region.

What Kansas City is known for

The Overland Park Region is named after the second most populated city in Kansas, Overland Park. Overland Park is a spot where many families reside. There are multiple school districts that are well respected, as well as private school options. Cleveland Unitversity, Ottawa University, and University of Kansas are three of the eight colleges within the region.[2] 

The Kansas City Zoo is a popular attraction for families to visit and is located within the region. The zoo has over 200 species and 1,700 animals for guests to see. Animals include the African elephant, addax, African painted dog, Amazon tree boa, Amur leopard, the black-footed cat, and more. The zoo has dining options to keep visitors fueled. Dining options include Tuxedo Grill, Bluey's, Rafiki Restaurant, Boathouse Bar, Safari Snacks, and Beastro Concession. Guests can bring their own food and beverages and eat in the picnic areas of the zoo.[4]

The Union Station in Kansas City is a historic train station with exhibits and interactive displays. The Union Station is known for the intricate architecture of the structure. The Union Station was built in 1914 and has served many purposes throughout the years. Many soldiers traveled through the station during WWII. The station included a barbershop, restaurants, and the nation's largest shipping and mail building. The station was closed in the 1980s but was reopened after its renovation in 1999. Many visiting Kansas City come to experience the history that the station offers. The station also hosts weddings, parties, and other events.[1] Another popular attraction within the region is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM). The museum is dedicated to celebrating the impact of African-American baseball. There are photos, artifacts, and films to see throughout the museum.[5] 

Worlds Of Fun is an amusement park within the region and has rides, coasters, water parks, and more. Worlds Of Fun is the largest amusement park in the midwest. The park has plenty of thrill rides, rides suitable for children, and rides that the whole family can enjoy. Visitors can be entertained with the various dining options, special events, and shows.[13] Kansas City received 25 million tourists in 2016, breaking a record in Kansas City. April to October are the best months to visit Kansas for ideal weather.[7] A few manufactured products in the area include Ford trucks, Chevrolet Malibu, Buick LaCrosse, and Dawn dish soap.


The Overland Park Region is placed between Kansas and Missouri. The region is named after Overland Park, which is the second most populated city in Kansas. Kansas City is a famous city within the region and receives many tourists each year. Blue Springs, Lee's Summit, and Warrensburg are a couple of the cities within the region. Blue Springs is the ninth-largest city in Missouri and was named Pioneers, who found ample amounts of water from the Little Blue River.[9] The region has hot and dry summers, from May to September. The average temperature during the summer months is 80 degrees. November to February are the coldest months in the region, usually staying under 50 degrees. The end of March to the end of September are some of the region's wetter months, though the amount of precipitation varies each year. Like precipitation, humidity varies throughout the year, with the end of May to the end of September being the muggiest months of the year.[10] 

The region is home to several plants. The White Hawthorne Blossom is indigenous to Kansas City and is the official state flower of Missouri. The plant can grow up to 20 feet high, feed birds, and make the fruit into jam. The sunflower is the state flower for Kansas and can grow almost anywhere because of the lack of water needed.[11] The region has a vast amount of wildlife, including opossums, nine-banded armadillos, muskrats, beavers, red foxes, cougars, and much more. Plenty of birds, reptiles, and fish reside in the area.[12]


The Overland Park Region is the second most populated city in Kansas, following Wichita. William B. Strang Jr. founded the beginning of Overland Park in 1905. William B. Strang Jr. started by building subdivisions, eventually expanding to suburban cities. The area has continued to grow and was voted the "Best city to raise a family" in 2018. Overland Park has received a few different awards for being one of the best cities to live in. Overland Park has a population of 173,372 people. Residents are 84.4% White, 4.3% African American, .3% American Indian, 6.3% Asian, 2.1% from other races, and 2.5% from two or more races. The region has a heavy influence on Protestants in the area. The economy is heavily influenced by the health care industry, retail trade, finance and insurance, information technology, and professional and technical services. Some of the top employers in the area include Sprint, the Shawnee Mission School District, and the Johnson County Community College.[2]

Kansas City is another dominant city in the region and is the third-largest city in Kansas. The first election in Kansas City was October 22, 1872, electing James Boyle as the first Mayor. Kansas City saw significant growth in the 1890s and became one of the largest cities from 1890 to 1920. A few of the largest employers in Kansas City are the University of Kansas Hospital, University of Kansas Medical Center, and General Motors Corporation.[3]

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The Silver Heart Inn is located in Independence, Missouri, on two acres of well groomed land. There are two separate cottages found on the property with four differently themed rooms for guests to use. Each room is luxurious with a fireplace, dining area, full bathroom, and daily housekeeping services. The Silver Heart Inn was established in 2013, but the initial building was built in 1856. The surrounding area is historically oriented with the Truman Library, and burial place of former president Harry S. Truman within walking distance of the property. Breakfast is served daily with a seasonal menu serving egg dishes and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Southmoreland on the Plaza is a two-building inn that can be found in Kansas City, Missouri, which is on the edge of the state border that separates Missouri and Kansas. The inn is located in a neighborhood on the edge of the central-south side of the city, next to Southmoreland Park. The bed and breakfast has 14 rooms in total that guests may choose to rent. One unique thing about the property is that every evening they have what is called Happy Hour. During Happy Hour, guests can get locally crafted beers, wines, or cocktails provided by Southmoreland on the Plaza. Breakfast is served in the mornings, with special home-style breakfast dishes on the weekends, which are included with reservations.

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Circle S Ranch & Country Inn is located on the edge of Lawrence, Kansas, which is a town between Topeka and Kansas City. The inn is able to host significant events at its venue, often specializing in weddings. There are 12 relatively uniquely decorated rooms that visitors can reserve, with the option of booking all of them for significant activities like family gatherings and wedding receptions. Breakfast is served each morning, and there are beverage stations that are available for guest use. The Circle S Ranch & Country Inn property is also used as a cattle ranch with other animals on the land including horses. The property owns 500 acres of land, which offers a variety of outdoor activities, including horseback riding and tours of the longhorns. The land that the inn is built on has been owned by the same family since 1860 and has been raising cattle since the owner's family obtained it.

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The Weston Steamboat Inn is located on the hillside of Weston, Missouri. Built in 1845, the home is one of the oldest in Weston. There are two suites available for reservation at the inn, each decorated with antique artifacts and handcrafted furniture. Happy Hour occurs every Friday and Saturday night at five o'clock. Guests can sample wine from local wineries and enjoy home-baked sweets by Glenna, a host at the inn and professional culinary artist. Breakfast is served every morning at the inn. The Weston Steamboat Inn is open year-round with an increase of guests during the summer and fall during the Apple and Irish Fests.

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The Victorian Veranda Country Inn is located in the countryside just outside of the university town of Lawrence, Kansas. The Victorian-style home has ten guest rooms and lies on eight acres of farmland. There is a large wedding venue barn on the property, as well as a large garden and lawn surrounded by cobblestone walkways and wood fencing. The inn serves breakfast daily with a rotating menu of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and other breakfast foods. A wrap-around porch on the home has seating to eat dinner as well as the breakfast room inside. A formal dining room and sitting area are also areas for guests to gather. The property was built in 1999 and is open year-round.

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The Oak Street Mansion was originally built in 1913 as a family home but has since been converted into a place of lodging. The mansion is located in Kansas City, Missouri, near a wide variety of attractions such as the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City Royals, and the Kansas City Art Institue. The institute is partnered with Oak Street Mansion, providing the building with artwork adorning its walls created by local artists. The building itself is three stories, with rooms on the second and third floors. Two of the nine rooms on the property are located in the Carriage House, which is a separate building from the mansion. Depending on the room, guests have access to jacuzzi tubs, large walk-in showers, or king beds. All the rooms include mini-fridges stocked with water bottles, a Keurig, and TVs with access to Hulu Live. A patio and gazebo outside provide an overlook to the property's gardens. The red-brick mansion is surrounded by a rod-iron fence, with two gargoyles on either side of the brick driveway.

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